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Case study: The Power of a Loved Up Community


11 Heart-Centered Strategies you can use right now to create a loved-up community (and increase your sales)

Are you a Heart-Centered Boss who wants to create an awesome community of followers who easily become much-loved customers?

When you lovingly tend to your followers needs, crafting their perfect journey with you and guiding them along the way to the solutions you have created for them, what do you think you gain?

  •      A thriving community of Customers
  •      Customers who are completely tuned in and turned on to you and your mission
  •      A tribe of followers who devour your content
  •      Customers who have no objections to buy from you right now

In other words… a loved-up community!

If you have a plan, are strategic and heart-centered, your community will follow the perfect path you’ve laid out for them…

It’s happy days for all!

“Selling” doesn’t have to be hard, pushy or ‘salesy’. So if you’re a heart-centered boss who wants to create a community that is so happy to spend money with you, then please read on!

This article is a case study of how to create a loved-up community of customers waiting to buy from you (with a twist). It’s told from the perspective of one very loved-up community member (me!) and how I was romanced into being a loyal and devoted customer.

I’m also sharing 11 Heart-Centered Strategies you can use right now to create a loved-up community (and increase your sales).

Given that I am a Business and Life Strategist, and usually very aware when I’m “being sold” to, I can appreciate the methods a brand or individual has gone through to get me to pay my hard earned cash!

It’s like a little tick box inside my head of what social, emotional or psychological triggers are being activated to get me to buy. When I’m caught off guard and reach for my credit card before I know what’s happening I stop and take notice!

This is where my loved-up story begins.

Here’s my love story…

Heart-Centered-Strategy-Community-Customers-Success-Business-SarahLouiseBidmead-MentoringOur first date…

It started – as all good love stories do – with a cup of tea.

About a year ago, I had just brewed a strong cup of Earl Grey tea, and decided to spend 10 minutes hanging out in my favourite business facebook group. I was following a conversation about copywriters and web designers, and if you were starting out in business, who would be some great role models and teachers to follow and learn from. A facebook friend commented about a business whiz they adore, linking to her website and giving her a big compliment; “She gets me..and I’m hard to get” ….so I decided to check this whiz out.

The decision to click on that link has lead to over a year of faithful devotion. I was immediately entranced by her website, her About page was copywriting genius, her Headings were enticing, her imagery was what I would choose, it was just…magic.

I went searching for her opt-in box (that’s right, I went searching for it so make sure I was on her list) and I set about to consume every single blog post available for consumption!

The first blog post I read was a saucy, sassy anecdotal article about freakingout over work, life, relationships and technology all in the space of one day. It was written so well.

She had me slapping my hand on the desk laughing and saying “Yes, Yes, Yes”.

She had me nodding my head as I read the article, mirroring my friend in the facebook group thinking “she gets me”.

She had me laughing out loud, almost spitting my tea all over my laptop.

I gained so much entertainment, connection, fun and value from those 7 minutes that when I got to the end of the article I was so disappointed it was over…

As luck would have it… right there at the end of the post, was nice shiny box saying “Like this article? You’ll probably like my eBook” and a link to the eBook sales page.

Smiling, I knew what I had to do.

I clicked on the box (of course) and read the short sales page super quick – taking notice of the highlighted information with words like “truth”, “wisdom”, “immediate”, “create”, “greatness”  (all the words that speak to me) jumping off the page.

I had my hand reaching for my credit card before I could say “give it to me now!”

heart-centered-business-community-strategies-customer-experience-SarahLouiseBidmeadOur second date

Cha-ching I bought the eBook (it was about $35. I still think it was the best $35 I’d spent that week).

I made sure it downloaded correctly, then I saved it as a treat for myself. Later on, when I had brewed yet another tea and settled into my favourite chair, I pulled up the eBook on my laptop and devoured all hundred and something pages with delight.

I loved that eBook. Every. Single. Word.

It felt like she had written it especially for me.

It spoke to exactly my current life situation, it gave me the motivation I needed, the kick up the bum I needed, a good dose of entertainment that made me laugh and some actionable steps that I do right away….

It was perfect (and for the next month I told everyone I knew how awesome it was)

Heart-Centered-Strategy-Heart-Centered-Business-Life-Success-Customers-Community-SarahLouiseBidmeadOur third date

After “The Night of the eBook” I basked in the glory of our new relationship and devotedly read every email she sent me.

Because this lady knew me and where I was at in my life, everything she created was so on point. Our third date lasted a little while, we settled into a nice routine.

Each weekend I would receive an email from her. I would love it, comment on it, and devotedly wait for the next one.

I was so devoted that if I hadn’t received an email from her by Monday I would go searching my junk folder, double checking my deleted folder, and then refreshed my inbox each hour, anticipating her new delectable delight, written specifically for me!

And then she asked me a meant taking another step in our relationship, and committing to her a little more…

heart-centered-business-community-strategies-customer-experience-SarahLouiseBidmeadMoving in together

You see, she had just created an online program which was a wee bit more expensive than the eBook (about $150 more).

To let me know all the saucy details, she sent me one ‘sales’ email. Just one. And it really wasn’t a sales email, more like a ‘I know you need this, so I made it for you’ email.

Reading through what the program included and what it could do for me personally I was shaking my head in awe “Yes you minx, you’ve done it again..I do need this in my life!”

Now, I’ve never been afraid of commitment, so out came the credit card again.

When I got my greedy little hands on the content I was so impressed.

The program was the missing link in the learning I already had. It was so juicy. She had asked for my commitment and in turn she had given me so much.

I was completely loved-up.

I worked through the program, as the good student I am, enjoying the way she pushed me, loving the tools and teaching she had shared with me and appreciating the new thoughts and ideas the learning was allowing me to experience.

She had helped me grow.

Then we settled back into our normal routine of emails each week – although now I felt a lot closer to her, like I was VIP and I felt that she really appreciated me being a part of her community.

So of course…

When she asked me to buy something else from her, to get a little closer, to love a little harder, guess what I said.

heart-centered-business-community-strategies-customer-experience-SarahLouiseBidmeadSaying I do

I said yes!

A big, resounding “Oh you! Yes, of course I will” kind of yes.

This time it was a real commitment – a membership program. Ongoing payments. Ongoing support. Ongoing content.

Oh, be still my beating heart.

So I signed up immediately because I knew my life would be better with this membership in my life.

And when I became a member I was not at all disappointed (as I have been with other memberships) In fact, my initial thoughts were “How does she do it? She knows me so well!”

And so our love story continues…

So what can you learn from my experience as a devotee and create loved-up customers (who buy every time you ask them to) in your own community?

Here are 11 strategies you can do in your business right now to create loved-up customers and increase your sales!

(You can download this checklist by subscribing to The Heart-Centered Boss Library right now)

heart-centered-business-community-strategies-customer-experience-SarahLouiseBidmead1. Write specifically for your customers

Each time your customers read your content, you want them to think; “This is written exactly for me”. Emails, eBooks, programs, landing pages – all of your content needs to speak to your customers, in their terms, about the issues they’re facing (right now) in their lives. If you can tap into your customers insights and put yourself in their situation, you can create fast and lasting impact in their lives.


2. Learn exactly what your customers need

This is a simple but sometimes overlooked step.

When you like creating (and you get excited to get an idea out into the world) you can sometimes bypass this very valuable process. Remember, it is essential to get feedback on whether your product or service idea is exactly what your customers need (right now). Is it a good idea but needs to be put into a plan? Is there something else your customers need first? Are you creating something for yourself and not your customers? Is it completely off track and needs to be reworked before you launch it?

Heart-Centered-Business-Sarah Louise Bidmead-Heart-Centered-Marketing-Heart-Centered-Business-Heart-Centered-Strategy-Connect-with-Customers3. Create raving fans in your community

Word of mouth is perhaps now more than ever, easier to achieve – if you’re doing a great job. Why? We’re all so connected! We’re not just speaking to our friends and family and the people in our immediate location, we’re now talking to our friends, family, colleagues, peers, all over the world.

Kimberly A. Whitler says: According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers believe recommendations from friends and family over all forms of advertising”.

It’s too important to ignore!

Take the example of how I was first introduced to my muse – a ‘friend’ that I have in a facebook group (of which we all now have thousands) mentioned her, said how much she adored her, linked to her website and I trusted my friend’s recommendation and checked her out. Hop, skip and a jump later, I’ve paid her hundreds of dollars. You want to aim for your customers to be spreading your good word all over the marketplace.


4. Add more heart into your business

Sometimes we start business with the best of intention. We have huge dreams, big plans, audacious goals and we are operating from a strong position of positive and joyful intention.

However – translating all the wonderful intention into strategies that work and strategies that feel good is where some Heart-Centered Bosses stumble.

Suddenly strategies become less Heart-Centered, you’re confused and bewildered by all the different tactics and systems that are available and your message – once strong and clear – becomes murky and diluted.

So you need to add more heart into your business! Asap!

“A heart-centered business is one in which each essential business element is deeply rooted in truth and positive intention.” – Sarah Louise Bidmead.

This is my definition of a Heart-Centered Business and by adding Heart-Centered strategies into each area of your business you become completely aligned to your best intentions and more likely to attract the ideal clients that you originally created your business products and services for!

Then it’s all clicking – you’re speaking their language, you’re creating and providing them with exactly what they need. And when you can give a customer what they need, when they need it…well that’s what we’re all aiming for isn’t it? 

heart-centered-business-community-strategies-customer-experience-SarahLouiseBidmead5. Consistency creates credibility (understand this well)

When you show your audience that you are consistent in your communication and your message, they will learn to rely on you and trust your advice.

You and your brand become a much needed light in their life. They can’t wait to receive your content, and when it comes time to ask them to buy something, they will want to buy it fast!

Think about my love story; she has consistently created – I have consistently bought. She has consistently committed to me – I have consistently committed to her. She has asked me to trust her, and I have.

It’s a generous and fulfilling relationship!


6. Commit and then deliver

If you have committed to your community that you will strive to create valuable content in a specific topic or field, that adds value to their lives – make sure you deliver. The fastest way to lose raving fans and grow a community that is lukewarm (not loved-up) is to under-deliver on what you have promised.

  • If you’re committed to posting an article each week, make sure it happens
  • If you’re committed to hosting an event each quarter, plan for it and deliver
  • If you have committed to send an email with strategies and tips each few days, send it!

When your customers feel this commitment, they will be more inclined to buy when you ask them to because they know you will deliver on your promise to them of an awesome product or service. Commit to excellence in your business!


7. Take the time to plan your sales strategy

Your sales strategy needs to make sense to you and your business goals – but also makes sense to your customers. If it doesn’t make sense to them, if they can’t easily and simply follow it, you won’t get the sales you need.

If it makes sense to your customers you can include upsells to complementary programs or products. If it makes sense to your customers you can send them a specific email campaign after their first purchase. If it makes sense to your customers you can offer them a discount for a limited time…if it makes sense to your customers you can do anything.heart-centered-business-community-strategies-customer-experience-SarahLouiseBidmead

8. Invest in a client nurture strategy

Be OK to play the long game and take time to nurture your customers. When you’re able to create a long-lasting relationship, you will be able to increase the average dollar spend per customer and you’ll enjoy a high customer retention rate. This goes hand in hand with point 7 – your sales strategy making sense to your customers.

Introduce products and programs to your customers when it’s right for them in their relationship with you.

Automate this process (through email automation with a crm) in your customers sales journey to see lasting results.

Studies show that 67% of B2B marketers that use lead nurturing see a 10% or greater increase in sales opportunities throughout the funnel; 15% see opportunities increase by 30% or more.


9. Connect, connect, connect

Create more ways for your customers to connect with you. Ask them questions, ask them to share results, ask them to provide feedback.

Also think about how you can create connection – are you speaking at an event? Invite them. Are you hosting a periscope? Let them know. Are you doing a rapid fire email answer session? Tell them. Are you taking over an instagram page for a day? Invite them to follow.

When you start thinking about it, you can create SO many connections with your customers. It helps them to feel included in your circle, special and needed (and we all want that).


10. Give your customers more

Your relationship with your customers will be constantly developing. Creating a loved-up community is not a “set and forget” strategy. As you grow and develop, your community will grow and develop with you. They will want more options to buy from you – so create more options based on your customers immediate needs and wants. Share your story with them, let them know what’s coming up. Create anticipation and need.

heart-centered-business-community-strategies-customer-experience-SarahLouiseBidmead11. Say Thank you

Dietrich Bonhoeffer said:“In ordinary life we hardly realize that we receive a great deal more than we give, and that it is only with gratitude that life becomes rich.”

Take the time to be grateful and say thank you to your customers. They are your livelihood – they sustain your business and they pay your bills. Give thanks in being the best possible creator, teacher, guide and provider you can be for them…and also literally say thank you.

Send an email, post on social media, pick up the phone, write personal thank you cards – put all those beautiful positive vibes out into your community. Give back to them and they will give to you!

There you have 11 Heart-Centered Strategies  you can start to implement right now in your business to build a more loved up and connected community.

And if you were wondering if there was an end to my love story with my favourite online maven?

I’m happy to say, we’re still going strong.

She’s gone through some business changes and so have I.

She still doesn’t know who I am or the impact she’s had on me personally or my business.

But maybe one day…

Until then I will be unconditionally devoted.

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