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How to attract the customers you love

Working with the customers you love is part of what makes being a Heart-Centered Boss worth the small biz struggles we sometimes all go through along our journey!

But attracting the customers you love doesn’t happen by accident; it’s intentional.

Finding the customers you *love*…your ideal customers, the customers that make your heart sing, your soul soar, your smile spread wide is a result of carefully thought out strategic planning.

So for you today, here is a step-by-step process to help you create your own Ideal Customer Attraction Strategy.

The 8 Steps
to Attracting The Customers You Love



1. Be clear about who you are and what you believe

Although most of business operations are focused on the needs of your customers, the foundation of your business actually begins with you: your beliefs, your values, what you hope to achieve and ultimately what you want to leave after you’re gone.

Have you ever heard Alexander Hamilton’s iconic words, If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything”?

Well, the same principle applies to your business!

What do you – and your business – stand for?

In other words, what is your mission, why have you started a business, and what do you hope to create (not just in terms of products but also what relationships, connections and experiences do you want to forge)?

Your mission statement becomes a guiding inner light that will keep you on track across all that you do including: highlighting who you want to serve, helping to create the most authentic messages and content for your community and keeping your service and offerings on point.

For me, the definition of a Heart-Centered Business is, “one in which each essential business element is deeply rooted in truth and positive intention”.

So before we delve any deeper, ask yourself this:

What intention am I setting in my business and what is my purpose?

If you haven’t already, I recommend setting aside time to create mission and value statements.

Start by creating your mission statement around the answers to these questions:

  • What do I do?
  • How do I do it?
  • Who am I serving?
  • What value do I bring to my ideal customers?

As a Heart-Centered Boss your values drive your business and shape a vision statement on how you plan on impacting your customers and your community.

2. Be super clear about the Ideal Customer You Want to Work With

Once you have determined what you stand for and what you give of yourself, it’s time to look at the most important part of your business: the customers you love to work with; your ideal customer…the heart and soul of any Heart-Centered Business.

Getting to know your ideal customers includes their basic demographic information (gender, age, location and so forth), but also encapsulates their desires, their pains, and weaves in their personal stories.

I often see well-meaning bosses who want to work with everyone and who are reluctant to define their target market; but trying to work with everyone doesn’t work.

When you commit to learning about your ideal customers you can connect on a more powerful level. It allows you to form deeper relationships, engage with intention and resonate with them on a far bigger and more impactful scale.

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3. Craft Messages Which Resonate with your ideal customer

Once you begin to understand your ideal customers in a deeper way you will also understand their motivations; what encourages or spurs them to act?

Are they inspired by positive messages of hope, ambition, success? Are they facing an overwhelming fear that you can resolve (such as a fear of failure)?

Imagine how understanding their story can be woven into your communications and the impact that will have on the messages you send.

This resonates with their hearts and their desires and when you resonate with your customers, they are attracted to you.

Customer love is not about buying from you, it’s about joining you.

Every decision to subscribe, follow, engage or purchase is an emotional decision to join you.


4. Stand out to the customers you love

So we have started to build a solid foundation for your business; but no matter how great your intentions may be, little can happen if you stay hidden away.

Now it is time to accept your role as an authority figure in your industry and let your light shine!

‘Nothing can dim the light which shines from within” – Maya Angelou

Understanding your customers’ unique needs will help you to define how you can serve them best.

What is your specialty and what makes you stand out?
How are you unique and different (what is your unique selling point)?
Where in your message or customer journey can your customers connect with you and think “yes, yes, yes, I need this company/this person in my life”?

Hint: your unique selling point is less about you and more to do with your customers and their needs.


5. Be visible and available

Pushing yourself to be visible can be scary; wearing your heart on your sleeve and getting in front of your ideal customers might be push out of your comfort zone.

“What if they don’t like me?” you think to yourself.

So what if they don’t.

But darling, what if they DO??

Truth is, you won’t please everyone all of the time, and that’s okay. But when you start attracting and working with your ideal customers they will love you!

Brian Tracy, world famous author and motivational speaker, believes that successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others while unsuccessful people are always asking, “What’s in it for me?”

Instead of letting your fear of getting in front of others get the best of you with thoughts such as, “what if they don’t like me” or “what if I make a mistake”, reset your mindset with this TRUTH:

When you put yourself in front of the people who need your services, it actually has nothing to do with you. Not what you look like, not what you sound like. It’s only ever about the value you serve to your customers.

Seth Godin put it more eloquently, “Instead of working so hard to prove the skeptics wrong, it makes a lot more sense to delight the true believers. They deserve it, after all, and they’re the ones that are going to spread the word for you.”

So you gorgeous boss you, put away your fear and focus on delighting your true believers.


6. Create your own loved-up community

Focusing on your ideal customers and delighting your true believers does more than quell the anxiousness we feel when we need to step into the limelight.

It starts to create a loved-up community, a snowball of people seeking the knowledge and value you share.

Lovingly tending to your followers, providing solutions to their needs and walking with them develops a relationship with your ideal customers like no other. It help to nurture their trust in you/your company and ultimately creates a community of raving fans, hungry to support you and eager to buy from you.

What’s not to love?

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon sums up this notion with a beautiful quote, “We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job to make the customer experience a little bit better”.

You can become a better hostess at your own party right now by creating your own loved-up community.

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7. Get visible and get in front of the right people

Most Heart-Centered bosses don’t feel quite right with the ideal of hard sales or cold calling potential customers.

Wait up..there’s great news: according to Hubspot, 82% of marketers who blog daily acquired a customer by using their blog.

This is backed up by the Custom Content Council which reportedly stated that 61% of consumers say they feel better about a company that delivers custom content and that they are also more likely to buy from that company.

In other words, by doing what you do best, nurturing and caring for your community of raving fans, you will start attracting your ideal customers without any icky over-the-top, really-not-feeling-it sales strategies.

So creative entrepreneurs: shine a light on the love and talent you bring to the world in your blogs, podcasts, video, eBooks, newsletters and social media!

This makes Heart-Centered Business owners like me do a little happy dance.


8. Content may be king but consistency is the queen

Being consistent is, at least in part, about doing a little bit each day, taking one step at a time, one mile at a time to achieve a goal.

But consistency is also about commitment; an ongoing commitment to our ideal customers. When we commit ourselves to a consistent action, whether that’s a new blog post daily or once a week, trying out Facebook Live videos, or starting a podcast series we are making a promise to our followers that we will do what we say we will.

How we do the little things is how we do the big things.

As our ideal customers see us keep our word about small things (like when we are sending out our newsletters, emails, jumping on facebook lives, etc), they begin to trust that we will keep our promises when it comes to the bigger things too (such as expected outcomes from our new course, mastermind group or program).

Consistency also extends to our messages (what we say to our potential customers) and our offering.

Rather than diversifying your services or products too much in an attempt to woo a larger audience (and ultimately not really appealing to anyone) stay consistent (which is why it is so important to really clarify what you stand for, your mission and your values).


So there you have the 8 steps!

Attracting and building a community of ideal customers isn’t a one-time event or an overnight success story; it is a step by step, piece-by-piece intentional action plan.

Be consistent, stay committed and in time you will see the results of your actions and reap the rewards.

Imagine waking up each day knowing you’re living into the dreams you set out to create when you started your business. Imagine working with the customers that truly let you shine your brightest and help you create the best possible work. Looks amazing right?

And it’s available to you sooner than you think.

Ready to take it to the next level? If you want to connect with, establish relationships with, work with and nurture more customers than ever before, you might be ready for my 8 week Intensive: Grow my Business & Love my Customers.

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