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How to start converting more of the customers you love


Now attracting the customers you LOVE – the golden customers that light you up and make you smile – to your website is a much needed, important first step to long-term business growth!

You’ve interested them, you’ve intrigued them, you’ve excited them and voila – they’ve landed on your shiny website.

However, without a strategy on how to start “converting” more of the customers you love, the unfortunate news is this:

All your hard work, all the energy and effort (and dollars) you’ve spent helping your ideal customers land on your website, will be worthless.

Sad face. I know right…it’s not cool.

So in today’s article I will share with you:

7 Ways to start converting more of the customers you love!


You ready? Let’s go….

Firstly, a really key definition I want to make sure you’re across, so we’re on the same page:

“Converting” could mean selling, it could also mean subscribing, signing up, opting in…basically whatever action you have created for a visitor on your site to take (like subscribing to gain access to a resource library).

Now once that action is completed for a visitor – you have converted.

Converting means to “change the form or function of something”.

So by “converting” a visitor to your site into a subscriber, they’ve changed form in your world. They’re now a part of your tribe, they’ve now entered into a relationship with you.

By then “converting” a subscriber into a paying customer, they change again. It’s a more connected relationship, it’s a more considered investment.

When you then convert a paying customer into a repeat customer, they shift again.

In some circles, “Converting” is sometimes seen in the same vein as “selling” and let’s be clear – these are not dirty words – even for a Heart-Centered Business Owner!

Please don’t shy away from the fact that your business exists not only to help your customers and create a thriving community, but to help you enjoy your desired lifestyle and turn a tidy profit.

You can be Heart-Centered and profit positive at the same time!

So.. now that is out of the way…

Your Mission (should you chose to expect it, which I know you will!):

To ensure your ideal customers don’t just find you once and then forget you.

You do this by providing an easy path for them to “opt-in”, “subscribe”, “sign up”.

Basically, create an easy path for them to JOIN you.

Then the magic can happen.

Your ability to convert visitors into the customers you love actually starts by attracting them, and directing them to your website or social media.

If you haven’t yet read this article on attracting: 8 Steps to Attracting the Customers you Love do it now!

But what happens after these gorgeous customers flood your website, social media page or other site you have driven them to?

The truth is, without a solid plan in place, you may never those customers again.

So beautiful Heart-Centered Boss, it’s time to make a plan to convert more of the customers you love!

heart-centered-marketing-business-strategy-customer-sarah-louise-bidmead-convert-more-of-the-customers-you-love1. Be a (wom)man with a customer-centric plan

Chances are, especially if you are in the beginning stages of your business, you might not be seeing a whole heap-o-traffic visiting your site, so it’s important to invest resources into converting those lovelies who DO show up for you!

And any great plan starts with a big question: Why?

Do you know WHY your customers make the decision to join you?

Every time a customer decides to subscribe, follow, engage or make a purchase, they have made an emotional decision to join you.

They’re saying: “I like the look of you, I like the feel of this brand, I enjoy the experience I’m having.”

By understanding why your customers join you, you can:

  • Present your business in the best possible way to your ideal customers (because you know what they need, what they enjoy, how you can help).
  • Plan their ultimate customer experience (because this is what it’s all about!)
  • Create products and services that meet your best Heart-Centered intentions (at the same time providing a solution for your customers)

Plato has been quoted as saying, “the beginning is the most important part of the work” and this is the best place to start!

Once you start to attract your ideal customers, you want to consciously create a path for them to join you; this may be through a subscriber opt in, signing up for videos or a free series or anything that basically has visitors saying, “Hey, I like you and I’d like to hear from you again”.

Once you have “converted” you’re able to engage in a conversation – get to know them, share with them, learn with them, provide for them!

All the goodness and positivity you wish to create for this person comes from being able to engage with them in an ongoing relationship.

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heart-centered-marketing-business-strategy-customer-sarah-louise-bidmead-convert-more-of-the-customers-you-love2. Establish an existing baseline customer conversion rate

If you already have set up a subscriber opt in series of some sorts, say an email opt-in, I want you to look at these questions: 

  • How is it currently measured?
  • Do you know your conversion rate?

This sounds all techie but it’s not, and we won’t do too much math here, just the bare necessities. The sooner you figure out the metrics, the sooner you can start to improve on them and start converting more of the customers you love!

57% of B2B marketers say conversion rate is the most useful metric for analyzing landing page performance.” – Ascend2

This is what you need to find out now:

A)   How many people are landing on your website/ landing page (or being shown your opt in)?

B)    How many are actually clicking on it and responding in the way you desire (for example, giving you their email address)?

Let’s say that 100 people arrive at your landing page and 20 of those actually sign up to receive your offer/purchase your product. You would have a 20% conversion rate (see how I did that?).

B/A x 100 = your conversion rate

If you want to get into the nitty gritty of what is a good conversion rate, this article from Wordstream states it differs per industry, but you’re in the top 25% if your conversion rate is 5% of higher.

If you want learn more about your metrics and what conversions you should be tracking, there are experts like the team at kissmetrics and Neil Patel to help you out, because they live and breathe it!

I’m no where near an expert in conversion rates but I do know the need for a strategy around how to create easy ways to connect more with the customers you love (and that’s just a win, win for all really!)

PS – Try not to beat yourself up if your conversion rate is really low. According to the 8th Annual Econsultancy Conversion Rate Optimization Report, only about 22% of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates. The fact is you’re learning how to make some simple changes to improve!


3. Identify your Unique Selling Point and highlight it to your customers.

Theodore Levitt, a professor at Harvard Business School, suggested that, “Differentiation is one of the most important strategic and tactical activities in which companies must constantly engage.”

Your Unique Selling Point (USP) is that ‘thing” about you and your business that leaves the idea of competition covered in dust.

It doesn’t mean that you (or me, for that matter) are BETTER than anyone else, but it does mean this:

When we realise and recognise our uniqueness and our point of difference we start to resonate with the customers we love in ways that no one else does or can.

It’s magical and it’s emotional.

It’s what creates connection and it’s what builds a loved-up community.

Right now think about someone you follow online that you just LOVE.

Are you thinking???

Good, you have someone in mind – now think about what is it that do they do differently, say differently or stand out for you?

They might be no-holes-barred honest and not afraid to polarise. 

Maybe they’re a proud, die-hard “trekkie” and talk about it at least once a week.

They may talk without reservation about their faith and how it gives them internal power.

Maybe they’re unafraid to go into the dark places, the hard conversations, the unspoken truths.

They might exude a vibe you just love, whether it’s high energy, hilarious, clumsy, calm, graceful.

Whatever it is which they do differently to anyone else that causes them to stand out in your mind, and remember them and understand them and feel aligned to them, is their point of difference.

Most of these unique factors I’ve just listed are personal, because I believe that when people join you they are joining YOU the person.

However, if you are not the face of your brand, defining your USP can also work for a brand, they’re just usually more traditional, like:

They are the lowest cost, bulk product provider in their market.

Their team consistently is voted The Best Customer Service in their field.

They are exclusive, only allowing certain customers into their ranks.

Their products are clinically tested and scientifically backed.

Even things like: Free International Shipping, 60 Day Returns, Personal in house training, 24/7 support desk, carbon-neutral; these are all differences that highlight to your customer:

“I am different, I am unique, I am the best choice for you now”.

You can delve deeper into how to Stand Out to the Customers You Love here.

As a Heart-Centered Boss sometimes it’s hard to ‘toot your own horn’ and let people know what’s different or unique about you and your brand, not wanting to come across ‘salesy’ or ‘pushy’.

I get it, I really, really do. 

So start small, be genuine and don’t be afraid to unearth some of the hidden gems of you, your business and your services!

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4. Identify any weak spots in your system before your customers do!

Think of this like baking a cake: you take it out of the oven and put the knife in, testing the batter to check if the cake is cooked.

If the batter is still sticky, you throw the cake back in the oven!

Testing your conversion method is the same theory:

Once you know who you want to convert and how you want to convert them (and you’ve identified a baseline measurement) start looking through your existing customer journey: the path you have laid out to take a stranger from a visitor to a customer you love.

Some people call this a sales funnel or a marketing funnel, I call it a customer journey.

I like to think of it as a journey and I like to keep it separate from a customer experience (which I believe is more about personal touch points rather than conversions and actions).

So what you’re looking for as you work through your existing customer journey re the dead ends, the twists in the path that do not make sense or are out of context, the weak spots (the sticky batter).

As this article is discussing how to START converting more of the customers you love, the first steps in the journey so to speak, here’s a few things you could look out for:

Are you seeing a lot of people visiting your landing page but not signing up?

There might be a problem with the opt-in itself, so ask yourself; is your offer compelling to your readers? Is it difficult to navigate? Does it pop up too early? MarketingSherpa reports that only 52% of companies and agencies that use landing pages also test them to find ways to improve conversions.


Are people signing up to your email list, but getting left out in the cold when it comes down to the double opt-in requirement?

A tweak in your messaging could help.


Is the problem all the way in the beginning and a lack of traffic to your site the culprit?

Investigate lead generating strategies that are all about directing people to your page.


Are you enjoying lots of subscribers, but they’re not the customers you love?

Investigate where this traffic is coming from? Why are you attracting customers who are not your ideal customer and what can you do around your positioning to switch this up?


Is your message unclear?

With a fresh set of eyes (even get a colleague or friend or customer to help you) ask yourself – does your website clearly state who you are, what you’re about, how you can help your customer right now?


Are you writing the website about you and not your customer?

Are you thinking ‘benefit, benefit, benefit’ instead of ‘me, me, me’? This is a big one to get right!


HINT: if you already have a well thought out journey in place, with opt-ins, sales, upsells, re-sales; look for the part that isn’t working as well as it should be.


heart-centered-marketing-business-sarah-louise-bidmead-strategy-converting-more-of-the-customers-you-love5. Pinpoint your ideal customers’ needs

Every day you are bombarded with marketing messages. Digital Marketing experts estimate that most Americans are exposed to around 4,000 to 10,000 advertisements each day….

That’s a whole lotta messages our brains are trying to shift through!

Which makes our point number 3 about differentiation even more important!

Think of the last time you subscribed to a person or company – what was it that made you join?

Probably it was the copy around the offer; it had pinpointed a need of yours and offered you a solution.

To successfully convert visitors into subscribers and eventually to customers you love, you need to start with a customer-centric strategy and provide a product or service which your customers really want (and want now!)

Think of your opt-in in Albert Einstein’s terms; “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value” and ensure that whatever you create adds value first and foremost.

To start converting more of the customers you love, please spend time learning about your ideal customers, what’s going on in their world, what lights them up, what keeps them up at night?

By understanding the details of your customer’s life, you understand your customer.

If nothing else, this is going to give you the power to know what idea of yours is going to appeal to them the most, what service or product is going to provide them with the most value and what elements are going to combine to create their best customer experience.

I would recommend asking followers on social media, or those who are already on your email list, what THEY would like to see more of…and then create it!

What this means is that you be able to meet your ideal customers’ needs – you will also grow in your leadership role, and establish yourself as an authority in your industry.

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6. Continue to convert your existing customers  

Over the last few years, Econsultancy has seen that for every $92 dollars spent acquiring customers; only $1 is spent converting them.

The lesson we can learn from this…

Try not to pour all of your resources into driving or “acquiring” customers without spending at least as much of your time and money into “selling” to them.

Not convinced?

Consider this, from Sweet Tooth Rewards, “The customers you attract from those promotions are not nearly as profitable as the customers you already have”.

The author continues with these pearls of wisdom, “Obviously acquisition is important because you can’t have a repeat purchaser if they never make that first purchase. The problem is that the average ecommerce store devotes more than 80% of their marketing budget to acquisition, and retention takes a back seat”.

Wow. So it is THAT important.

Imagine a potential customer arrives at your website; she’s not quite ready to buy from you (statistically this is true) but something she has seen on your site, read, watched or engaged with has sparked enough of an emotional response to keep reading.

Maybe you capture her attention for a while with a great blog or a killer ‘About Me’ page, but then what?

She’s about to click away and potentially be lost to you forever…and we wouldn’t want that because imagine all the amazing things you could create together!

Creating the start of a simple customer journey with an opt-in creates a mutually beneficial exchange: your freemium opt-in for her email address.

Even more importantly; it begins the conversation, it sparks your relationships and it starts to build up a community of loved up raving fans.

It could be your, “You had me at Hello” moment.

And this is where, unfortunately, the journey ends for so many.

Instead of continuing to create messages, products, tools of value or resources, heck even emailing to say “Thank You and Hello” a lot of businesses fall short and don’t hold up their part of the relationship.

They forget to nurture. They forget to consistently convert.

As you’re a Heart-Centered Boss I’m going out on a limb to say you’re naturally a pretty awesome human being.

Don’t be afraid to show your customers your awesomeness!

Tell your customers what you’re about, why you’re here, what you believe in, provide them value, give them a plan!

And when you create something equally awesome which (because of your crafty research you know they need in their lives) for pete’s sake, let them know about it.

When you create something even bigger, when you host an event, when you organise a sale, when you combine forces with another Heart-Centered Business for an epic collaboration – let your customers know about it.

I know some of the customers I work with in my one-on-one Grow my Business & Love my Customers program are afraid of adding to the ‘noise’ for their customers, afraid to contribute to the bombardment of marketing messages and some of them even feel a great desire to not ‘sell’.

I’m going to get real for a sec and share something I really, 100% believe in:

Selling is not a swear word.

There, I’ve said it!

There are two ways to make money in business: selling to new customers, selling to existing customers.

Both are important, and both take different strategies, but long-term business growth is about maintaining long-term relationships (which is the title of a whole other article!)

I’m not saying you should spam your customers with 100 different ways they can buy from you – I am saying buckle up and get over the fear of selling because if you have a line of customers waiting to buy from you, but you’ve not yet told them the ‘checkout is open’ so to speak, they ain’t going to buy. Then your both worse off, and we don’t want that.

Because you’re a Heart-Centered Boss you can ‘sell’ in a positive and joyful way, a way that does not see your values and intentions fly out the window, and if you need help with this – let me know because it’s something I really love helping Bosses overcome.

7. Consistency with your customers 

Consistency lets your customers, your audience, your community know how invested you are.

It’s real simple:

Do what you say you will do and keep on doing it!

At least for a long enough time period to be measurable.

Please don’t try out your customer journey for a week and then throw in the towel.

Start converting more of the customers you love and give yourself the grace of time and learning. Love your customers enough to keep your word; that is what delivering consistently is all about – and you’re a Heart-Centered Business Owner and as thus, we keep our word and every one of our actions is rooted in positive intention and truth.

So own it! 

The more you value consistency (actually not just in your business but in your life) the better long term results you will achieve.

“Getting an audience is hard. Sustaining an audience is hard. It demands a consistency of thought, of purpose, and of action over a long period of time.”
-Bruce Springsteen

If consistency works for The Boss, then it works for me…and it will work for you too!

I hope you enjoyed this article, if you did, feel free to leave a comment, and if you have any questions you can post in the comments or send me an email at:

The first step to start converting more of the customers you love is to know the customers you love. You can sign up to my resource library to receive a cool tool all around discovering your customers (plus many more) and if you’re ready for an intensive workout in your business and want to completely revolutionise your business in 2017 to be more in line with your heart-centered intentions + make more money at the same time check out this program and apply now.

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