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Interview Series: Goal Setting Like A Boss!


Welcome to the 2nd Interview in our Interview Series: Goal Setting Like A Boss!

There’s some pretty awesome research that confirms people who set goals are more successful.

Now sometimes goals and direction change, and that’s OK… most business owners start down one path and end up on an entirely different path, with lots of twists and turns along the way.

We’re all doing our best, and we’re all chasing our passion and we’re all at different stages in that journey so there’s so much we can learn from each of our experience’s and so much knowledge to gained from a community of like minded Bosses.

So get comfy, brew a tea, read through the interview and feel free to leave your comments at the end of the post.

Today I’d love to share with you….

Goal Setting Like a Boss with Natalie Hughes, Founding Director of The Fashion Digital, a fashion social media and content agency in London.


Natalie – Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I’m Natalie Hughes, I live in London and I’m the Founding Director of The Fashion Digital and a freelance fashion journalist.

I also run, a blog dedicated to digital fashion news, lecture and speak at the likes of Central Saint Martins, and illustrate.

Oh, and I have a cat called Fashion!

sarah-louise-bidmead-business-strategy-interview-series Share with us the story of how you became a business owner?

I was working at NET-A-PORTER, where I looked after the site’s social media, as well as running my own fashion blog and working as a freelance illustrator.

I juggled my full-time job with my side gigs for a couple of years (with a lot of 5am starts!), but finally decided to go freelance in 2012.

For the next four years, I worked as a freelance journalist, illustrator and social media consultant for fashion brands.

The social media side of my business was growing exponentially, and I was reaching capacity – at the beginning of 2016, I decided to bite the bullet, hire a team and officially launch my agency, The Fashion Digital.

We officially launched in July – but it was four years’ in the making!


Tell us a little about what your business looked like when you first got started?

My social media consultancy business began very organically. Friends would recommend me, or a brand I’d worked with would pass the message on.

These days, I take a more strategic approach – but the organic nature of those formative years was an ideal grounding.

sarah-louise-bidmead-business-strategy-interview-seriesWhat process did you experience of your big goals changing and developing along the way?

When I started my fashion career, I always imagined myself in an editor role, in-house at a magazine.

I’ve grown more entrepreneurial over the years; I want to grow an empire!

Of course, I still love writing and editing, and I continue to make time for it. I work two days a week as Features Editor at, which makes for the perfect balance.

I’ve always loved balancing many roles and I continue to do so.


What has been the results of your goals changing and what does your business look like now?

I work harder than ever – there’s definitely less partying and more late nights in the office!

The social media side of my business has grown to form an agency, and with it, my client base has multiplied.

Every element of my work life – the social media consultancy, my writing, illustration, blog – seems to be enhanced by the other.

I feel really inspired on a daily basis.


What strategy has made the biggest impact on your business growth?

My agency launch had a massive impact on my business growth.

I gained new clients, press mentions and even more writing work as a result. I also connected and reconnected with some inspiring girl bosses.

I spent a lot of time planning for the launch, and I was more than satisfied with the impact it had. In the last two months, I’ve also spent more time working on my Pinterest strategy – I already had a substantial following (600k), but my engagement has shot up since I started spending more time posting and engagement, and I have secured several new brand partnerships.


For anyone considering changing goals and direction, what advice would you like to share?

My friend Esme Benjamin (a writer, yogi and all-round cool girl) gave me a great quote: trust the unfolding.

Goals change; don’t fight it, just go with it!

Also, start using Asana; it’s changed my life.


Thank you so much to Natalie  for sharing so many awesome insights!

It sounds like it has been a life-changing journey so far, one which is far from over.

So here’s a few things we can learn from Natalie:

  • Even if your client work starts organically, you can make the decision to become more strategic.
  • If you have different passions and multiple strengths, they can work together brilliantly with a plan!
  • When you buckle down and decide to focus on one area of growth, you will see growth.
  • Goals change; don’t fight it, just go with it!

You can learn more about Natalie’s business here:
Connect with The Fashion Digital on Pinterest
What’s your favourite business book or podcast: Being Boss and Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield.
What’s your favourite Quote: “Trust the unfolding”

If you would like to share your business journey so far please email me at: or comment below!

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