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Interview Series: Goal Setting Like A Boss


I am so excited to present you with this interview – the 3rd in our Interview Series: Goal Setting Like A Boss!

Coming up the end of any cycle – especially at the moment coming up to the end of the year – reviewing your goals, creating some new grand goals and intentionally setting the story for how you and your business are going to travel through the next cycle is a really powerful exercise.

The insight to be gained from listening to Bosses who’ve been in the ‘game’ longer than some is amazing! They know the value of fluidity, of growing with the times, of start small and working hard – and being able to set an intention and work to it.

In this interview we’re talking with Tricia Stewart Shiu – a boss with so much wisdom, advice and goodness to share with you!

So get comfy, brew a tea, read through the interview and feel free to leave your comments at the end of the post.

Goal Setting Like a Boss with Tricia Stewart Shiu of Human Being Publishing: Intuitive guidance for business and career success.


Tricia – Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I am an Intuitive antrisha-stewart-shui-heart-centered-strategies-goal-setting-like-a-bossd award-winning author who, up until last year, worked as a high-level movie studio executive assistant. In March, just after publishing my 7th book/ 4th novel, PLEASE HOLD, about the little known world of studio gatekeepers, I had an epiphany.

As a metaphysical intuitive, I had a unique perspective on my admin work and was able to observe how top business Influencers used their own intuition to flourish in both their personal and business lives.

Before that point, it had never occurred to me that those two worlds could co-exist!

After working for over 16 years as an executive assistant to major International Business leaders such as Rupert Murdoch and Chase Carey, I had a front row seat to observe, absorb and learn just how these power players (and their powerful Influencer Friends) used their intuition to become so successful. I then developed techniques that help people breakthrough blocks and challenges by using their own innate intuitive powers.

As a recognized clairvoyant, and 33 time award-winning author of 7 books ranging from inspirational mysticism to deepening the power of intuition, I show people how they can tap into their own intuitive skills to increase their Influencer Quotient thereby strengthening self-confidence, opening to their own sense of perfect timing and, just as the power players do, getting an immediate ‘read’ on people to maximize business opportunities.


Share with us the story of how you became a business owner?

Back in 1998, I was working as an Executive Assistant to Rupert Murdoch and was incredibly stuck.

I’d been in that position for six years and had reached to top of my pay threshold and no matter what I did or who I spoke with within the company (or outside, for that matter) I kept hitting brick walls.

During my research, I found many helpful stories and steps, but no real tools, so I developed my own card sort deck and visualization CD—Discover Your Brilliance Cards and CD.

At the beginning, I used the cards to do trainings for big companies like E! Entertainment in Los Angeles to inspire and support their employees.

My initial goal for Human Being Company was to create a place to “help people get unstuck.”

My big leap came when my next boss, Chase Carey, left the company.

I’d grown Human Being Company throughout my various high-level admin jobs (essentially working two jobs for many years) and decided to take the leap and devote all of my time and energy to my company.

The company now has a publishing arm, Human Being Publishing, and, in the year that I’ve been a full-time CEO, the visualization/meditation recordings have reached a total of 1.5 million streams/downloads.


Tell us a little about what your business looked like when you first got started?

Human Being Company started as a website which included links to my top ten personal growth and small business resources including the Brilliance Cards and CD.

I sold them online and fulfilled the orders myself.

About two years after creating the website, I began using the cards in trainings.

E! Entertainment asked me back as the employee session filled so quickly.


What process did you experience of your big goals changing and developing along the way?

Self-publishing and digital recordings completely changed the trajectory of my goals.

The Visualization from the Brilliance Cards CD sold very well in digital form (and continues to do so as it is a part of the 1.5 Million streams/downloads.)

The more technology changed, the more Human Being Company became more than just an information hub.

It blossomed into a full-fledged personal development resource.


What has been the results of your goals changing and what does your business look like now?

Human Being Company has grown into an worldwide personal development, inspirational and small business resource.

The company’s publishing arm, Human Being Publishing, has garnered International Bestselling books, award-winning audio meditations and 33 literary awards.


What strategy has made the biggest impact on your business growth?

Outsourcing fulfillment and digital sales have made the biggest difference in my business growth.

With technological advancement, I have been able to track and target specific demographics as I never could have in the early days!


For anyone considering changing goals and direction, what advice would you like to share?

Three pieces of advice to anyone considering changing her goals and direction:

  1. First, do research on your past business performance, marketing and demographics.
  2. Second, ask yourself “What should my intuitive next step be?”
  3. Third, investigate that step to see if it really makes sense to you.


Do you have any further information/advice that you’d like to mention:

That last piece of advice; investigation, can look very different to each person.

Sometimes investigation means further research (maybe even in a different way) and sometimes investigation means going deeper into your intuitive investigation (what does your gut say?)

Whatever is best for you, I truly believe it is key to making that amazing big leap to make your business come alive in a brand new way.


Wow – what an interview! Thank you so much to Tricia for sharing her journey with us!

Here’s a few things we can learn from Tricia:

  • You can start small and have one goal in mind and let it blossom naturally!
  • Listen to your intuition and trust your gut.
  • Your business can change with the times and technology, be fluid and create services that expand into this space.
  • Investigate what is best for you and your company. (A million times yes to this piece of advice. You must have a goal and a strategy before different tactics, like facebook ads for example, are going to work really well!)

Thank you again to Tricia for sharing her insight and advice.

You can learn more about Tricia’s business Human Being Company here.

Connect with Tricia on Twitter

Tricia’s favourite business book or podcast: “I love Tim Ferriss” You can find Tim’s podcast here!

Tricia’s favourite Quote: “It’s not the quicksand that takes you down. It’s the panic.” – April Elliott Kent


If you would like to share your business journey so far please email me at: or comment below!

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