Who is Sarah?

Hi, I’m Sarah Louise Bidmead,
a Business Strategist passionate about helping
grow strong, impactful businesses.


I know you have big goals, beautiful intentions and a huge heart.

I know you want to grow a thriving, successful business that lives into your intentions (for yourself and for your customers).

You’re not going to sacrifice your ideas and values to get there, but you will put the hard work and you’re ready to learn.

You’re looking for solutions, a clear path and you want to use positive strategies that feel good and make sense – not only for yourself but also for your customers.

You’re ready to join a community of like-minded business owners, and you believe, as I do, that a successful business can be joyful, authentic and fun.

Hello and Welcome….


Think of me as your new business bestie, your secret weapon, your powerful advantage.
I’m here to serve you and help you
create a thriving customer-centric business.

For the last 13+ years I’ve worked in marketing, communications, sales and business development for large companies, boutique businesses, entrepreneurs and media houses all across Australia.

I’ve worked in advertising teams on weekly magazines, marketing departments in universities, associations and national media companies. I’ve generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in sponsorships and partnerships, organised huge national and international events, run coaching programs, project managed teams of designers, copywriters, production assistants and at one time, managed over 400+ customers.

Through all of that, I’ve learned so much about business planning, business strategy and business relationships that I can’t wait to share with you, but one of the biggest lesson’s I’ve learned is this:

Customers are the life force of your business. 

All roads lead to and from your customers, what makes sense to them, what feels good for them, what connects with them and creates the best possible experience for them – it’s all about your customers.

I’ve also learned there is no secret to business success, no magic pill, no golden 3 steps – there are many different ways to become successful and profitable.

However a business built on authentic and truthful intentions, a business that  feels really good, contributes positively to society, creates genuine solutions to help people and connects with customers in an amazing way is the type of business that I want to work with.

If your goal is to help as many of your customers in the best possible way, create a successful business doing what you love and being rewarded in the exchange, then you’re a Boss I want to know.


If this sounds like you, we will achieve great things together…


  • You are a proud Heart-Centered Boss, dedicated to running your business with positive and joyful intention but you’re struggling to transform this (crazy, wild, heart-felt, good energy, emotions and intentions) into that (plans, strategies, programs, services, results).
  • You have HUGE business and life goals, empire building kinda stuff that scares you a little – and you’re itching to achieve it all but right now you feel a little rudderless, lost and overwhelmed by what you’re aiming to achieve.
  • You desperately want to build a strong foundation for your business using the best strategies for you and your customers but there’s a nagging feeling that you’re missing something, you’re not clear on the path, you need to learn more, know more, create more.
  • You’re passionate about creating the best experience for your customers and you realise that your customers are your business. (You really, really love customers, customers are awesome).
  • You could talk about your business, your customers, your plans all day long – at the same time you aren’t afraid to roll up your sleeves and do the hard work. God bless you!
  • You’re looking for real strategies to grow your business steadily – not a magic pill – because you know this is not The Matrix and they do not exist. 
  • You are known to be a little quirky, tremendously generous and a whole lotta fun.
  • You sit somewhere between a rebel and a rule maker.

Also if you’re a tea addict, can recite whole Friends episodes, enjoy baking, red wine and understand what “Be the Leslie Knope of everything you do” means then…no wait, that’s me! Oh well – if any of that resonates with you…

Get ready for a life-long friendship!


Who Am I ?

At Work

I’m a savvy business strategist and now, after 13+ years of working for some wonderful companies and people, enjoying amazing experiences and gaining so much learning, I get to put it to great use working for myself and helping like-minded Business Owners.

On one side I’m a thinker, an ideas lady, a questioner, challenger, a big sky dreamer. On the other side I’m a problem solver, a solutions finder, a step by step planner.

The customers I love to work with have awesome skills, products, programs and services to share with the world and they are driven by a need to create the best possible experience for their customers and community.

What I’m excellent at is helping to bring all their amazing intentions to life by creating actionable customer-centric strategies, experiences and journeys which make a huge difference to their business.

I love what I do because it allows me to connect with wonderful people from different countries, backgrounds, industries and stages of business to help spread the message of what I believe:

The world will be a better place when we create a culture of connection.

So my ‘WHY’ is to
create smart and simple strategies
so that you can connect with your customers in a more impactful way.


The success of your Business is my success,
so I’m really here to happily serve you.



At Home

I am a thirty something year old Australian girl who loves to talk, write and create.

I grew up on the Gold Coast’s Tamborine Mountain and Sydney’s East, have traveled extensively around the world and spent some time in NYC.

Right now I live at Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast – see the pretty pic above, it really does look like this most days – if you’re a local feel free to send me an email and we can get together for a walk and a chat!

I’m usually found in my home office, surrounded by half-drunk cups of tea, burning candles, a nice breeze blowing, singing along to spotify tunes and writing.

It’s my happy place and I do my best work there.

I’m fairly clumsy, an avid reader and depending what day of the week it is; incredibly neat or teenager messy.

I will read any magazine I can get my hands on – I blame my time working on the weekly magazines in Sydney – and would gladly spend my last $10 on a good shoulder massage, because – who wouldn’t it?

In my down time (I’m a business owner, what’s this down time you speak of? I know!) I’m spending time with my partner and our families, enjoying cheese and red wine “tasting” with my friends, trying to be a masterchef or walking on the beach to clear my mind.

I try to be luminous in everything I do. Some days are harder to let that light shine bright, but it’s what I aim for every morning. 

I value truth, beauty, intelligence, kindness, creativity and strength.

If you appreciate my beliefs around Business and you think we might just hit it off, please join my community to receive access to the Resource Library, designed specifically for you!


Let’s grow your Business using strategies that feel good to you and your customers.

All of my resources, articles and courses are designed with this very thing in mind so let’s begin.


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