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Why do you do what you do? (and why it matters)


If we were sitting down to have a tea at my favourite local cafe together (on the beach at Burleigh Heads for those who are wondering) and I was to ask you this question:

“Why do you do what you do?”

What answer would you give me?

Some people I’ve asked this question of have honed their ‘elevator pitch’ so well that it slides right off the tongue without a moment of hesitation but don’t quite answer the question.

Some stutter and splutter and look awkwardly into the horizon thinking “crap, why can’t I answer this question?” and some who have worked on their ‘why’ and can take a moment to explain it in a way that has me nodding my head thinking ‘yes, yes, yes!’

It all comes down to understanding and living into your ‘why’ and sometimes your ‘why’ is hard to articulate.

As Simon Sinek says “Your ‘why’ is a biological constant, it has nothing to do with what we do. It’s based on the biology of what drives us and motivates us….all you need to do is have the will and desire to want to understand what drives and inspires you.”

Your ‘why’ is more than just ‘this is why I work’ or ‘this is why I like my job’ or ‘this is how I earn money’.

Your ‘why’ starts with your internal beliefs and what’s driving you on an emotional level.

why-do-you-do-what-you-do-and-why-it-matters-heart-centered-business-strategyWhen you know your “why” and live into your “why”, here’s a few things that can happen:

  • You attract your like – you attract the customers that believe what you believe
  • You feel fulfilled – you can lead your business towards the outcomes that tie into your why
  • You gain massive amounts of passion – which you can then translate that into your productivity and happiness at your job
  • You are lit up by purpose – your actions are fueled by an intense driving force
  • Your decisions become centered to your ‘why’ so they become more aligned to your heart-center

Your ‘why’ is a huge part of your decision making process and drives so much of your business and life goals – so please don’t keep your ‘why’ a secret!

Knowing and living into your ‘why’ allows your community, customers, crew, even your team to become your most loyal supporters. As Renée Warren, CEO and Founder of Onboardly says: When your enthusiasm is palpable, people want a ticket on your happy train.”

Now if you were sitting opposite me, sipping your chai and you asked me the question: “Sarah, why do you do what you do?” here is what I would say:

I believe the world needs more successful Heart-Centered Businesses. I am passionate in my view that businesses built and grown with positive intention, integrity and joy will help create a happier world.

My WHY is to create positive strategies for growth so that Heart-Centered Businesses can change the world.

This is my why, this is my passion and my driving force.

Now that might sound like a huge task – one person, one business helping to create a happier world.

Let’s break it down; say I work with one Heart-Centered Boss. That person has a family and customers and a community that rely and enjoy and revel in the success of that one business.

Now think of what happens when I work with 5 Heart-Centered Bosses. Think of that with 10, then 100 Heart-Centered Bosses around the world. That’s 100 families, thousands of customers and hundreds of communities who lives can change for the better by building and growing successful Heart-Centered Businesses.

And that is why I get out of bed in the morning.

So I’m going to ask you again: “Why do you do what you do?”.

why-do-you-do-what-you-do-and-why-it-matters-heart-centered-business-strategyHere’s a few steps you can take today to get started on discovering and articulating your ‘why’:

  • Really think about your future; what are you doing, how are you feeling, what does your everyday look like?
  • Where does your mind always wander back to when you think about how you really want to be spending your days?
  • What exact elements of your job make you love it and keep going back everyday?
  • What do you feel your purpose is?
  • When you last felt fulfilled and happy in your work, what were you doing?
  • What’s a topic that impassions you and you could speak for hours about?

These questions will help you get closer to understanding and articulating your ‘why’.  

Sharing your ‘why’ lets you clearly articulate that to your community and attract the people that have a very similar driving force. By sharing more personal details with your community you can connect with them even more, let them know exactly who are you are what you’re about (which we know is so important for Heart-Centered Business).gezxaviermansfieldphotography2016sarahbidmeadseptember2016-28-of-62 


So you can better know who I am … here are 10 things I would love to share with you:


#1 I have always wanted to be my own boss

I’m part rule follower, part rule breaker so the whole ‘be your own boss’ thing scared me and excited me at the same time. But when you’re 18 and fresh out of college without a lick of business savvy to you, learning and earning at the same time is what you need. So I learnt and learnt for 13+ years before being my own boss and boy am I grateful for that and for the experiences I’ve enjoyed over that time! Now I can consolidate all that experience and create awesome strategies for my community.


#2 I get obsessed with a topic when I’m researching

Obsessed. When I came across neuro-marketing I became a compulsive reader, consumer, purchaser of anything related to it because I found it so interesting and such an ‘aha’ moment. I even wrote a blog about it. When we open ourselves up to continuous learning we’re doing ourselves a favour, so the more topics I become obsessed with, the more I learn and the more I can grow and provide cool info for my community.


#3 I am slightly (OK It’s a full blown addiction) to Tea

8 cups a day. Easy. I love it. It’s my happy thing. For those other tea-addicts out there by brand of choice is Twinings English Breakfast or Earl Grey, what can I say, I’m a classical kinda gal, but I am partial to Tetly Extra Strong, T2 Ruby Red Rose and Peppermint.


#4 There was a definite shift in my universe during a team meeting

We’ve all had crappy days at work. When you’re having more crappy days than good ones you start to realise something needs to shift. When you’re having crappy months and it starts affecting your health and your life and your mood, then it’s dire straits. I was in the middle of a team meeting when I made a noticeable shift in my mentality and that one crappy day led to me changing up a whole lot in my life, and now to running my own Heart-Centered Business.


#5 My friends are my family and my family are my friends

No that’s not a riddle. My core friendships, my girls, my homies, my best friends – they’ve become my sisters. They have my heart as much as anyone else and I love them deeply, they are my family. Lucky for me, my actual family are also my best friends. I have awesome friendships with my parents, brother, sister, cousins. I’m lucky and blessed to have some amazing people in my life.


#6 I really dig goal setting and goal planning

Having a clear direction, setting goals that scare me slightly, planning for their success, I could spend all day, and sometimes do, getting deep into goal setting. The best thing is that I’ve learned over the years to combine goal setting with goal planning and that is strategy, and that is what I’m best at!


#7 I would love to run a bed & breakfast!

Seriously, making people feel safe and warm and loved and brewing big pots of tea and making delicious dinners and breakfasts at a homestead in the country….heads up, this is my retirement plan!


#8 I love glamping, not camping

So I genuinely enjoy nature, being out in the elements, the air, the salt water, sitting in front of a fire, it does good things for your soul. However, sleeping on the ground, being cold and wet is not my thing so glamping with kick ass tents or cabins (smores..of course, thanks for my American friends for introducing them to me) and an excellent supply of wine and cheese and crackers is my kind of glamping.


#9 I believe in hard work paying off

There definitely is something about my generation that is ‘work hard and you’ll get there’ and I do believe that hard work pays off – I differ slightly by believing it doesn’t have to take 40 years for it to pay off though! There are no shortcuts to honest to goodness work and no magic pills for success. You got to work it, you got to earn it, you got to live into it.


#10 “Energy flows where intention goes” is possibly the best quote ever

For me, this is a big one. I know in my heart, that if I hadn’t spent time intentionally becoming a better version of myself and pushing myself to experience new things some of the most amazing things that have happened in my last few years (meeting the man of my dreams, starting my business, living in New York for a spell) none of it would have happened. And it all was possible because I focused on my goals, I worked hard to get there, I kept my intention and my vision true I invested energy into those projects, and guessed what? The universe listened. Now I am no where close to done….there is SO much more I continue to grow towards everyday, but it’s started and it’s happening and I’m happy with the results!


I hope this gives you a little insight into me, my driving force, why it is I do what I do and where my heart lies.

I really would love to know your ‘why’ so please email me at and if you live on the Gold Coast in Australia and want to meet up for a coffee I regularly catch up with other Heart-Centered Business Owners in the area to trade stories and suggestions, so feel free to email me to get a time in the diary!

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