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Whether you need a pro team to manage your blog content, create engaging social posts, find the words for your new website or craft sales emails that sell...we can help. 

Personality rich, professional
copywriting + content services for purpose-led brands.

We're on a mission to un-boring your biz content!


Our team writes the words to speak directly to more of the customers you love; inspiring action, 
building your community and creating seamless sales.



Your brand's copy and content does not *need* to be stuffy, old and mushy.
IT CAN be fun, humorous and different (at the same time creating the connection and sales you need).
In fact, studies show un-boring content breaks down walls, shows brand personality and encourages your ideal customer to show up as a supporter. 
It also lets you craft your marketing messages in a unique and fresh way so you can grab your customer's attention when it matters. 

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Here's a little secret...

Content is more relatable and memorable when it's got a *lil* something special to it. 
Whether it's a thought provoking question, humour layered throughout your messaging or an out-of-the-box idea that takes off - by doing something different to the rest of your competitors, your brand will be recognised and remembered! 

At Bohemia we are on a mission to un-boring your biz content. We believe life is too short to be anything less than remarkable and memorable, and that applies to your copy + content too! 
Your customers and industry are HANGING for something different.
We'll create that moment for them. 

Create connection that inspires trust, authority and loyalty with your customers through smart, engaging, content.  

Our word-loving team will create high-converting content for your business so that you can increase your customer base and retain more of the customers you love. 

Yes, I need words!

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conversion copywriting

Turn all your amazing intentions into fancy, fresh words that inspire action and sales. 

monthly content creation

Designed for you; the run-off-your-feet service provider who is painfully aware that your lack of strategic content is costing you customers. 
By partnering with Bohemia for consistent content 
[think purposeful email marketing campaigns, SEO friendly blog articles and high converting web copy]
you will enjoy seeing all your content PLANNED AND WRITTEN FOR YOU. Let us 'handle the words' whilst you focus on your customers. 

Give me all
the content!

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Take the stress out of not knowing what to write, create and post every month. 

We can jump right on in and help you bring your next big thing to life through inspired words and content.
Not sure where to start? Schedule a a complimentary call with Bohemia Owner and Head Copywriter, Sarah today and get your launch copy #sorted.

launch me please!

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launch content 

Got a big, bold idea to share with the world but can't get the words out? 

Your business is unique, your customers are unique and your content plan is... non existent?

content planning and Ideation

Let us help you create an epic, bespoke, customer-focused, feel good content plan. 
We work with you to take all your brilliant intentions and connect the dots between your offer and your customers LOVING your offer. We'll help you figure out this content plan and get your business in front of more of the customers you love. 

I need a plan!

i need a plan!

I'm Sarah; a tea-loving, Gold Coast based copywriter and content marketer, passionate about customer-focused content creation. 

If you're looking for a content partner to help you share your story, [in a unique and non-salesy way], connect with your customers [so you authentically grow a thriving community], create an impact in your industry [so  you're seen and known as the go-to biz] and use personality-rich, un-boring content to drive seamless sales [because who needs it any other way?] then Hello & Welcome!

At Bohemia we believe that words have power. We strategically craft bespoke, un-boring content which speaks directly to your ideal customers whilst reinforcing your bigger business goals. 

We write for savvy service providers in the B2B and B2C space and we love to play in the agency, wellness and lifestyle lanes (but we have been known to write for real estate, trades and coaches).

Our speciality is creating personality-rich, conversational and purposeful copy which allows you to stand out and connect with more of the clients you LOVE so that you can increase your customer base and customer retention.

If you're into credentials I have over fifteen years experience in marketing, communications and copywriting. Diploma of Advertising (Macleay College), Bachelor of Marketing (Academic Equivalency Trustforte Academy), Inbound Marketing Certified (Hubspot), Email Marketing Expert (GetResponse). 

We would L-O-V-E to get our stretchy strategy pants on and go to town with your copy and content marketing.

Take a gander at our Services or Get in touch today to start the conversation. 

Sarah Benitez 
Dip. Advertising 
Owner, Head Copywriter and Mistress of all-the-words.
Bohemia Copy + Content Studio 

copy + content studio

gold coast, australia 

Hello & Welcome to Bohemia! 

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Schedule a complimentary 30 minute copy + content chat and we can talk out your content needs. 

We help craft the words your intentional, purpose-led, brand needs to create a unique and memorable content experience for your customers.


Content marketing & bespoke copywriting solutions. 

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