So let us help you create exactly what you and your business needs to get moving.

When strategically crafted, your copy and content does the heavy lifting of your sales department, whilst you can focus in on building your biz and engaging with your customers on a personal level. 

A strategy designed to take the panic out of idea creation, writing, editing and posting.

A strategy that organises all the things you have in your head, onto paper [and into real life].

An optimised strategy [created by a copy + content professional] that gives you a step-by-step plan to follow.

A clear strategy that gives you more time to focus on client work, your family or organise your other biz growth projects.


At Bohemia, we just happen to be smash out content strategies on the daily and we friggin love working on them.

your content strategy includes: 

An in-depth "Uncover and Discover" pre-session worksheet.

1 x 30 minute content review session (where you're at right now).
1 x 60 minute content strategy session (to get into the nitty gritty).

1 x 60 minute presentation of "the plan" from our team to yours.

Your uniquely crafted, bespoke content strategy.

A curated "idea vault" of 10 x fancy fresh content ideas to support your biz goals.

1 x 30 minute review session (2 months later)

Wowsa. That's over $4000 of goodies! 

your business is unique, your customers are unique and your content strategy should be bespoke.

Not to be confused with a template or a stock, standard excel download (you can find plenty on the interwebs for free) your content plan is uniquely crafted based on your business's specific goals and ideal customers. 

With the intense information overload of content at the moment it's no wonder a lot of business owners are suffering from a lack of clarity and surplus of confusion. 

This is where we can help. 

Together, we'll work on hashing out an epic content plan that makes sense for YOUR business, YOUR goals and YOUR customers. 

At the end of our project you will have in your hot little hands, a unique content plan that gives you a solid foundation to grow your customer base authentically with content ideas that make sense and feel really good, to you and your customers.

Not just any content strategy...

I'm Sarah; a tea-loving, Gold Coast based copywriter and content marketer, passionate about customer-focused content creation. 

If you're looking for a content partner to help you share your story, [in a unique and non-salesy way], connect with your customers
[so you authentically grow a thriving community], create an impact in your industry [so  you're seen and known as the go-to biz] and use content to drive seamless sales [because who needs the stress of unseamless sales], then Hello & Welcome!

At Bohemia we believe that words have power. We strategically craft bespoke content which speaks directly to your ideal customers whilst reinforcing your bigger business goals. 

We write for savvy service providers in the B2B and B2C space and we love to play in the wellness, beauty and lifestyle lanes (but we have been known to write for real estate, trades and coaches).

Our speciality is creating personality-rich, conversational and purposeful copy which allows you to stand out and connect with more of the clients you LOVE so that you can increase your customer base and customer retention.

If you're into credentials I have over fifteen years experience in marketing, communications and copywriting. Diploma of Advertising (Macleay College), Bachelor of Marketing (Academic Equivalency Trustforte Academy), Inbound Marketing Certified (Hubspot), Email Marketing Expert (GetResponse). 

We would L-O-V-E to get our stretchy strategy pants on and go to town with your copy and content marketing.

Take a gander at our Services or Get in touch today to start the conversation. 

Sarah Benitez 
Dip. Advertising 
Owner, Head Copywriter and Mistress of all-the-words.
Bohemia Copy + Content Studio 

copy + content studio.

gold coast, australia 

Hello & Welcome to Bohemia! 

not sure where to start? 

Schedule a complimentary 30 minute copy + content chat and we can talk out your content needs. 

We help intentional, purpose-led, service based business owners share their unique message to the world. 

Did you know that more than 80% of small business owners do not keep track of business goals?

And businesses who don’t set or track their goals tend to play a small game with 77% reporting less than $100k in annual revenue.

What’s impressive is that businesses who take time to work to a plan, set and track goals are 2x more successful than those who do not.

So if your planning has disappeared in your constant effort to be in a million places at once and balance everything OR if you’ve never worked to establish content, sales and business plans but you’re ready to step up… 
Then we want to work with you! 

So what does a content strategy do for me??...

When you have spent time crafting a strong content plan you know exactly what needs to happen, when, how, by whom, and the next steps. No more frustrating moments of procrastination or confusion. 
You will be a Queen at getting IT done. 

One of the best by-products of being really clear on what IS going to work for your business, is being really clear on what is NOT going to work for your business. 
So when you are bombarded by all the choices in the market [and there's a lot] you know exactly what’s for you and exactly what’s not. 
Simply - you will become the decision maker your business needs and stop wasting money on shiz you don't need.

A strong content plan allows you to become a kick-ass leader in your business (and your life). There’s a rush you get when you can feel yourself transforming as a leader. Building your strategy will force you to make decisions and step up as a leader.

A strong plan lets you feel confident in choosing what’s going to work for you and serve your customers in the best way. Without a clear plan, without a clear objective, without a clear list of goals - achieving success in your business is going to take either a lot of time, money or frustration...and usually a combination of all 3. 
Be confident knowing that you are a lady with a plan! 

You know those days when you’re not feeling it? You know there’s work to do but you just want to go the beach or have lunch with your friends or read that new book and just take a friggin break from ALL-THE-THINGS? 
Well a strategically crafted plan gives you the GRACE to have these days, because built into a strong content plan is contingency. Contingency is ‘What happens when?’ and allows you to plan for periods of rest. Armed with your new shiny plan, you will be prepared for those days when you’re either sick and tired or just need a mental escape day.
Sigh deeply - you’ll have the space to take a break! 

when you start to think of your content as a massive pillar of your biz, here's what happens: 

Your business rises and falls on the weight of your content strategy.

Who is going to benefit the most from A content strategy?  

If you say YES to any of these situations then this session is for you: 

You’re currently running your business relying on a consistent flow of customers BUT you want to find, convert and retain more of the customers you love [aka your ideal customer].

You feel held back from “not knowing how to” create a strategic content plan and you really want to get on top of it this year. 

You’re a little stuck with your marketing and really want to stand out against your competitors.

You’re ready to pivot your business into a new target audience and want a plan to back you up! 

You’re so ready for BIG changes and want a plan that allows you to grow into them. 

You’re tired of playing small and you’re ready to get super aligned and strategic - completely in control of where your business is heading. 

You really just want some expert help to keep you on track and give you a plan to follow! 

Who this service is not suited to: 

If you have a start up business with no customers, products or website YET then, this is not ideal for you.
However, look at our Launch Me Content that could be exactly what you need. 
This is also not your thang if you're not ready to work with us on the strategy sessions. Teamwork makes the dreamwork!

You can keep floundering, taking chances on what works and ‘winging’ everything OR you can create a smart content plan to get what you want. 
This is your chance to become more strategic, driven, structured and on track to achieving your big business goals this year. 

this package is only available to three businesses per month.

This is not 'false marketing' or scarcity trip, this is a legit timing issue. We cap it at three businesses so we can give our absolute best attention, time and energy to your unique business, it's goals and outcomes.
We invest time so you can rest assured knowing we are not churning and burning through customers, we are giving your business the attention it deserves. 

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You've got a decision to make...

We *heart* our customers.

There's nothing more we love than getting our stretchy strategy pants on and going to town with our customer's copy + content. 

Luckily, they seem to love the results!
Read what some of our happy customers in the kind love letters that follow...

The first not-so-scary step to get started is filling in the form on our contact page and we'll schedule a free 30 minute chat to go through all your wordy needs. 

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