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10 quick content marketing strategies to use right now


Want ten quick content marketing strategies to revitalise your business in the next six months?

Thought so! [Keep reading].

You’re running a small business based on conscious contribution, problem-solving and positive intention (AKA you genuinely want to support and create solutions for your customers). 

Your brand has so much potential [and you know the service you offer is far superior to your competitors] BUT business has stalled.

You need some quick content marketing strategies that are going to create traction, help you connect with more of the customers you love and see some dollars in the bank.

These are not your average content marketing strategies like blogging, posting on social media or having a copywriter create a masterful content plan for you.

No, these strategies go back to basics. The building blocks of content marketing.

This article is for you.

Here are 10 quick content marketing strategies to help you right now…

1. Get Emotional


I’m not talking about a slab of dark chocolate and a Meg Ryan movie.

We are talking about how you can create an emotional response from your customers. 

Why is this important?

Well if you human customers (umm…yes?) then they will make each and every decision based on an emotional response. 

What contributes to stirring an emotional response?

Things like the images and videos you use, the design you use and *especially* the WORDS and language you use across your entire site and marketing material. 

Look at the main copy on your website, your blogs, even your bio and your introduction emails immediately. 

Think about:

  • Are you explaining to your customers (potential, new, existing and past) who you are, what you do and why you do it?
  • Are you telling a story, touching on pain points, pushing hard on the ‘ideal’ life your customers desire?
  • Are you creating an immediate emotional response?

A quick way to upgrade this is to pay special attention to the information your readers see first. For example, your headlines, subject lines and sub-headings.

Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs and the co-author of the best-selling book on content marketing, Content Rules says : Aim for a gut reaction, and pay special attention to how your materials look when scanned quickly (as opposed to deliberately considered—because no one has the time or inclination to do that anymore).”

Why is emotion in quick marketing strategies so important?

Well, it comes down to how our brains work.

For all humans, our limbic brain is responsible for all decisions and it’s emotionally guided.

To understand how your customers make the decision to choose you and why getting emotional is an important content marketing strategy, read this article.


2. Review the opportunities right in front of you

There is probably more opportunity sitting right in front of you than you realise!

It’s amazing what can happen if you knuckle down and decide to unearth every stone in your business to find more revenue.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Review all the questions you’ve received from your customers over the last few months – see if you notice a trend. If you do, then start creating content based on them. 
  2. Have you been asked to collaborate or connect with a specific community leader or niche leader? If you have then get to it – and if you haven’t go searching for it.
  3. Do you have a really good idea for a new post, product or service, but just haven’t put the effort into hashing it out? Carve out some time for it.
  4. Is there any outstanding revenue waiting to come into your business? If you have overdue invoices that you need to chase customers to pay? Round em up and get them paid!


Instead of waiting for things to happen ‘to you’, put some jazzy 80’s pop on and make it rain right now.

Content marketing strategy: review all your opportunities and make a list of 5 things you are going to take advantage of immediately.  


3. Connect with your 10 favourite customers – ever.

This is an excellent quick marketing strategy designed for fast results.

There are two main ways revenue can show up in your business: it can come from new customers and it can come from existing customers.

The Pareto Principle shows 80% of your profits come from just 20% of customers. (Forbes)

So if you’re in a bit of a pickle and want a quick strategy to generate cash – reach out to your favourite customers and offer them something of value that you know will help them (and help you).

For photographers, this might be a one-year anniversary shoot for your fav wedding couples, a maternity shoot or a new family shoot depending on their circumstances.

Coaches this might be a follow up 90-minute session for your customers who have recently completed a program with you and you’d love to continue working with them.

Copywriter? This might be connecting with your best ever customers and letting them know that as their business evolves, the positioning and copy must evolve also. Offer them a special package to refresh and spruce up the website and email copy.

You will never know if you don’t ask!

And because you are reading this article on our Bohemia blog we know you come from a place of truth and positivity and you will provide an option that will genuinely help and give value to your customers.


Side note: this strategy can also work if it doesn’t come from a place of generating revenue. You could connect with your best ever customers purely to give thanks, share a new tool or tip from you and check in to see what is new in their world – as long as you’re providing something of value to them. It’s part of a bigger customer-love strategy and we dig it. 

4. Invest in yourself

The energy, momentum and clarity that is gained from new learning and new skills is so powerful!

If you know there are areas in your business that you are just not great at, instead of hiding from them or hoping that you will learn along the way – make the decision to upskill yourself and empower yourself to absolutely nail that area of your business.

Farnoosh Brock, the passionate founder and president of Prolific Living says: This one thing, one crucial and most overlooked thing that will open doors of sweet opportunity for you, expand your horizons, and unblock you in ways you have never imagined possible so you can reach those dreams you talk about, this one thing is called investing in yourself.”

So think about where in your business you need to learn some new skills.


5. Create something new to share with your community that is purely for their benefit

Creating valuable, free content that is purely for the benefit of your community is aces!

It allows you to engage with your customers on an ongoing basis and positions you as an authority in their ‘conversation’.

A ‘conversation’ is not just the niche or industry you’re in, but what topics you’re a part of in that niche.

By creating content purely for the benefit of your tribe you are letting your followers know that you are dedicated to their cause, their pains, their issues.

You are showing that you are in their corner, and you are trying to help them as much as possible.

What it’s not designed to do…

  • To Sell 
  • Appeal to everyone (that is, it’s targeted and specific to your followers)
  • Say the same thing over and over (be fresh!)

And if your community likes and enjoys and gains something from your content they are more likely to share your content with others, so it’s a win: win.


6. Pitch it!

Whilst Public Relations is not a new content marketing strategy, it’s a good one!

Contact a media outlet and pitch a story, blog or video idea to them because – why not? You never know if you don’t try!

If you’re reading this blog then we know you run an intentional business and have some hefty work to get from where you are now to where you want to be. 

Media exposure can help to get more eyes on your *thang* and when you’re genuine and different, saying something of value – it stands out as a newsworthy story for the media outlets that reign supreme in your field.

Don’t be afraid of your uniqueness and your difference, embrace it.

Make sure to share your personal story and your WHY.

When you do get featured the media, make sure you leverage that exposure and display it on your website, post about it, let your community know about it, rock that exposure!


7. Audit your automation


Still doing everything in your business one tiny action at a time?

Time-is-a-wasting then!

Automation is a rapid-fire content marketing strategy!

It can increase your efficiency and your revenue pretty effectively.

Plus it pushes you to think more strategically and plan the start of a customer journey. 

By automating things like:

  • Social media posting process
  • Opt-in or subscriber process
  • Your email marketing process
  • The sales process

Then you can really leverage your time and keep more time available for creativity, fun and life!

Think about what in your business you would like to happen without you?

You’ll be surprised as to how quickly, with the right systems you can let automation into your business.

Once you do – wow – the growth it can create for you is amazing.

Automation doesn’t mean that your business goals or direction changes or that your business becomes less personal and less intentional or authentic.

The Wall Street Journal says that it just means that the process by which you can achieve your goals changes slightly.



8. Move past the fear

One of my favourite quick marketing strategies, but it comes with some pain.

Is there something you’ve been putting off doing in your business because you’re really scared of what will happen?

Maybe raising your prices.
Maybe a new product or service that you’re not sure your customers will buy.
Maybe taking a stance on a current issue in your ‘conversation’?
Maybe putting yourself out there a little more on a webinar?


Think of what could be on the other side of that fear.

Just for a moment, allow yourself to imagine that you’ve already created that product, or published that post, or hosted that webinar – how do you feel?

Pretty empowered right?



9. Pack and stack your services


Talk about a quick marketing strategy – this one has the power to see serious dollars in no time at all.

This is about packaging up your services or products and creating various price options so your customers can gain the most from you and you can gain the most from your customers.

Basically, if you give your customer a few different options for your services, one that is an average price point and one that is more expensive, can create some interesting results.

Derek Halpern of Social Triggers has an awesome short video about this, you can check it out here.

Some of your customers will convince themselves that the average price point is more justified and your average priced product sales can increase – and some of your customers will always take the more expensive option because they enjoy the ‘red carpet experience’.

Like us! Spotify premium anyone?

This could unlock a flood of revenue in your business and is something you can turn around rapidly in your business.


10. Plan Your Customer Experience 

OK, confession time – this is not necessarily a quick marketing strategy as we’re relying on the long game here.

Andrew Reid, CEO of Vision Critical, says: Customers are beginning to understand that their true value to companies goes well beyond their wallets. This is the age of the empowered customer! When a single complaint on social media can cost a business millions of dollars, an online review can shape the fortune of a restaurant and feedback can significantly affect business decisions.”

You can put strategies in place to ensure you’re doing your best to plan the ultimate customer experience.

These are strategies for each customer interaction, like:

  • How does a customer find you?
  • What plans are you putting in place to grow and develop that relationship?
  • How can you entertain your customers?
  • Where can you use emotion to connect with them?
  • How do you serve them and best help them?
  • In what way can they relay any information to you?
  • How do you handle complaints and reviews?
  • And how do you ensure that your relationship does not live and breathe on a sale?

Customer experience is about consistent touchpoints and a consistent flow of information and valuable content, and it’s really what establishes your brand in the eyes of your community.

By planning an amazing customer experience you are setting your business up for growth and success – and you will be able to grow and build a strong and loyal customer base of people wanting to buy from you.


There you have ten quick marketing strategies to use right now in your business.

Let us know what your favourite strategy is and why!?

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