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4 types of content that helps your customers connect with your brand.


The goal of your content is to help your customers connect with your brand and align themselves with you.

You achieve this through conversation.
Every piece of content you post or publish is part of a larger conversation you’re having with your customers.
Even if you’re not yet aware of this conversation you’re having with your customers – it’s happening.
From the first time your customer searches for a solution (ideally a solution you offer), you’ve entered into a conversation.
Now, you can be a silent contributor, or you can lead this conversation.

[And you lead it through the content you’ve created, curated and optimised for your customers].

Ideally, every time your customers consume a new piece of content, you’ve created for them, they’ll become more *aligned* with your opinion, belief, options and solutions.
The goal of this conversation is to prove to your *potential* customers that you are the only choice for them.
That special moment in the conversation is when you’re customer truly connects to you.
So, how to go about it?

Create content based on your core brand belief.

What do you/your brand truly believe? About the world, your customers, your niche? A core brand belief statement is a piece of content that will always bring you closer to your ideal customers because it will naturally align with their values (not all customers, just your ideal customers).

You can say this with the words; “We believe in…”


Everlane is an ethical, transparent fashion company.
Their core brand belief: “We believe we can all make a difference”.

TED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas.
The TED belief statement: We believe passionately in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and, ultimately, the world”.

Wikimedia doesn’t use the words “we believe” however it’s clear to say what they passionately believe in their statement:
Imagine a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge. That’s our commitment”. 

That’s us! We’re a copywriting and content marketing studio.
Our core brand belief: “Because words matter”.
Our belief is in the power of words. Heck, that’s what our whole business revolves around! 


Create content based on your promise to your customers.


Say you run a same-day flower delivery business. Your promise to your customers is that they can place an order and send a bunch of blooms that will be delivered on the same day.
Imagine your customer forgets their anniversary and needs to send flowers to their significant other ASAP… this promise of same-day delivery will be important to that person!
Try not to be boring about it – instead of always saying “same-day delivery” you could share stories about customers who’ve needed that same-day delivery and how it’s made an impact in their lives. This could be a cheeky insta story or insta reel or a facebook live to share the moment. 


Create content based on things that go hand in hand with your product or service.


Say you run an accounting firm that specialties in accounting for small businesses, specifically entrepreneurs. Yes, your “conversation” with your customers will mostly be about accounting.
However the larger conversation involves money, the value of having more or less money, how to save or spend money, what that saved money could be spent on or how it could be invested.
It’s all about relevance and topics and trends that are relevant to both your customer and your brand. You see, there are many facets to this conversation with your customers. 

The content you create should incorporate so much more than your businesses “offer”, product or service. 

Create content based on your behind the scenes story.

This is an easy one for small business and for entrepreneurs, and especially easy to do with social media.
Behind the scenes posts are always great because it allows your customers to connect with the *reality* of who you are, who your team are, and what your business is all about.
The Digital Picnic is a brand that excels in truth-based, behind the scenes content.
The more interesting ways you can share about behind the scenes RELEVENT information, the more your followers and customers will be able to connect with you because *we humans* are inherently programmed to LURVE a good story.

There is a veritable feast of content available for you to share with your customers when you go looking for interesting ways to communicate more than your offer.
These four examples should get you started! Stay tuned for more copywriting tips and content marketing insider advice.
Remember the goal of this conversation is to prove to your *potential* customers that you are the only choice for them! 

Sarah x

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