are our business.

We love language. 
Scrabble? We win.
Reading? We breathe in books.
Grammar gets us giddy.

For you? 

Our team write the words which speak directly to more of the customers you love, creating impact, inspiring action and creating seamless sales. 


Let us help you create a great one with yours. 

I'm Sarah; a tea-loving, Gold Coast based copywriter passionate about content creation. My team and I help intentional,
purpose-led, service based business owners share their unique message to the world. 

If you're looking for a content partner to help you share your story, [in a unique and non-salesy way], connect with your customers
[so you authentically grow a thriving community], create an impact in your industry [so  you're seen and known as the go-to biz] and use content to drive seamless sales [because who needs the stress of unseamless sales], then Hello & Welcome!

At Bohemia we believe that words have power. We strategically craft bespoke content which speaks directly to your ideal customers whilst reinforcing your bigger business goals. 

We write for savvy service providers in the B2B and B2C space and we love to play in the wellness, beauty and lifestyle lanes (but we have been known to write for real estate, trades and coaches).

Our speciality is creating personality-rich, conversational and purposeful copy which allows you to stand out and connect with more of the clients you LOVE so that you can increase your customer base and customer retention.

If you're into credentials I have over fifteen years experience in marketing, communications and copywriting. Diploma of Advertising (Macleay College), Bachelor of Marketing (Academic Equivalency Trustforte Academy), Inbound Marketing Certified (Hubspot), Email Marketing Expert (GetResponse). 

We would L-O-V-E to get our stretchy strategy pants on and go to town with your copy and content marketing.

Take a gander at our Services or Get in touch today to start the conversation. 

Sarah Benitez 
Dip. Advertising 
Owner, Head Copywriter and Mistress of all-the-words.
Bohemia Copy + Content Studio 

copy + content studio.

gold coast, australia 

Hello & Welcome to Bohemia! 

how to get started

Schedule a complimentary 30 minute copy + content chat! Let's talk it out.

about us

if you're in the need for a bubbly, happy, strategic, smart as heck, caffeinated team to conquer your copy...

Well, hello there!

Bohemia copy + content studio is best suited to intentional, positive, feel-good service based businesses, brands and peeps.

⁠All content and copy created by us will be bespoke, unique and based around your specific business goals. ⁠

⁠We use a six-step work process (found here) to ensure the work is of the highest quality and our clients are [where-have-you-been-all-our-lives] happy. ⁠

All content planning and copywriting will be carried out by a senior, experienced copywriter (not an assistant, junior or offshore contractor).⁠

Bohemia is a proud, local (Gold Coast), mama-led, small business.⁠

We have a zero-tolerance for BS, A-holes, disrespectful energy thieves and bad mojo types. ⁠

We are inbound marketing certified. We are email marketing experts. Owner: Sarah, has over 15 years of marketing, copy and content experience. ⁠SO, we know our *stuff*.

We love strategy, planning and goal setting. We work with clients through our Content Planning Project and with ongoing strategic content partners via a monthly content creation package. We also work ad-hoc copywriting jobs for the right brands.

We will work tirelessly to make your content goals a reality. Drawing on our experience and expertise (we know a thing or two) you'll be hard pressed to find a more caring, intuitive and hard working team. 

We play well with others and in 2021, we are looking for collabs, circles, guest posting and podding, fun in the workplace type friendships.⁠

about how we work

Your business is unique, your customers are unique and your content should be custom made. 

let us help you create crazy connection with your customers through personality rich, smart, engaging content. 

Want to know more? Get started with a free 30 minute copy + content chat, where we break down what you need and how our expert team can help you.

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"Working with Sarah has been amazing. She's responsive, creative, thoughtful and generous. 

From the moment we connected on Instagram I knew that here was a woman who knows her stuff! I enjoyed our deep dive conversation and felt completely 'got'. I was impressed by how thoroughly Sarah got to know me and my business prior to our meeting, from watching my content online and downloading the resources from my website. The insights that she brought to my attention were incredibly valuable and she was able to point out in a kind way, as to where I could improve. The action items that came from our meetings were useful and motivating. And the copy! Spot on! I loved the feel of the content, how it read and how she'd put it together. To be able to read what it is I've been underselling was a real moment. THANK YOU! It's fantastic to have someone like Sarah on my side, I know that my business is on the up and up since I found Sarah.

Christie Flora, florandorder

"Great service, and so professional.

Her insights to my business were and are still continuing, and I find her advice not only great, but proving to make my business run smoothly and grow every quarter.”

Gez Xavier Mansfield Photography 

"Sarah's knowledge and way of thinking is incredibly exciting and empowering.

She has incredible insight, a never ending list of exciting, fresh ideas and powerful plans to strategically implement change and growth into your business. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Tanya from Chic Artistry 

"What can I say about Sarah...she's like superwoman with x-ray vision.

She has this ability to look into a business and see things that very few other people see. Important things - deep foundational things that make or break a business. If you're looking for someone to help you tweak what you've already got; don't waste Sarah's time. But if you're looking for a fundamental shift in the growth of your business; if you're looking for a revolution in your business and not just evolution, then you need to call Sarah now and beg her to work with you."

Brad Walker, stretchcoach.com 

"Her experience in the industry working with top coaches means she really understands what works...

Sarah offered her assistance and was extremely forthcoming in her tutelage. Her experience in the industry working with top coaches means she really understands what works and what doesn’t and I gained so much value and clarity from our session”. 

Catherine Howell, Eight Loop Social 

“Thank you for being YOU and coaching me along the marketing path

I found it a little bewildering as I had always relied on word of mouth but the times have so changed and your marketing skills have given me the ability to step out and be seen!” 

Judy Anne Brown, Spiritual Entrepreneur 

I really enjoyed the process of collaborating to create content for my new website.
It was super easy, it flowed and we had so much fun. I learned a lot about my business and about myself throughout the process.
Sarah has such an engaging style, a natural way of teasing info out of you and then turning it into magic.
Sarah really understood me, my values and my business and it shows in the content... she really made it sparkle. Thank you Sarah! 

Leanne Burnett, The Energy Edit

"You know when someone just gets it... 

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