No more stress about what to plan, write and publish!

Our team will strategise, create and optimise your content each and every month so you can focus on your work whilst your content handles the heavy lifting of your sales department. 

your business is lacking a solid content plan and marketing message.

It's not easy running a business and team; the "marketing musts" often get pushed to the side to focus on "the work". 
 You have weeks and months between published content [this creates epic highs and lows between leads, sales and customers].

You are painfully aware that your brand's content is its weak spot. 

Because you do not have the time or the skills to strategically tackle your content marketing strategy and creation (don't worry, no one is perfect and we wouldn't have the skills to do your job either) it gets left off the list.

You know your brand needs a strategy for how content can bring in more business and increase your reputation and authority in your market BUT you don't want to be the one to drive it.

The only thing standing between you and your customers is a consistent marketing message with monthly custom created content across your website and social channels working in tandem with your bigger business goals. 

You're ready to change the game! Become more strategic, more systemised and outsource your content strategy and creation
to a pro copywriting team (that's us - oh hey, hi)! 

Deep down you know that expertly written, consistent content will provide your business with exactly what it needs; authority, visibility and leads. 

You know that your ideal customer is craving this content in order to make a decision to subscribe, sign up and buy from you.

And you ain't got the time to do it! So let us handle it ;)

"Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads."

"58% of marketers said “original written content” is the most important type of content, outdoing visuals and videos."

"Companies with blogs produce an average of 67% more leads monthly than companies that don't blog". 

"57% of consumers will follow a brand to learn about new products or services while 47% will follow to stay up to date on company news." 

Don't just take our word for it - look at the stats!
Content marketing IS the way your current business can turn into the business of your dreams.
Even if you're just getting started and even if you've never invested in content marketing.

Let go of the painful awareness that your content (or lack thereof) is costing you sales. Instead feel confident your brand is growing, being seen and considered.

Use personality-rich content to reach, engage and sell to more of the customers you love (because content can do ALL of this)!

Breathe new life into your business (and pipeline) with custom content, created specifically around your brand's goals.

Gain an effective content marketing strategy to drive sales for new business and increase the number of returning customers. 

Rely on an expert team of copywriters and content creators who GET IT and are constantly showing up for your brand, brining new ideas and solutions to the table. 

Take "content" off your to-do list and free up your time (or your marketing manager's time) to focus on your clients and cashflow.

Sounds good, right?
Let's get into exactly why you're going to benefit from this package and what you get every month.

When we work together we treat ourselves as your content partners, part of your team, your wordy *besties*.
We work tirelessly for your brand, elevating your position, increasing visibility and helping to attract new leads to your business through *un-boring* personality-rich content.  

Because of this, we work with a selected few brands who gel with our mojo (think an epic mix of smarts with a dash of giggle fits over memes). As our client you run a big-goal based business, you are intentional and positive, bringing something special to the world.  Above all you are super ready to show up for your customers and dive into a strategic content game. 

you're a medium sized business with a small team looking to do big things. 

We work with female and male led brands and have a strict no a$$holes policy. If that sounds like you; let's get wordy.

This session is for us to nail your brand's voice, get clear on your content goals, optimise your USP and decide on the content your brand needs to achieve your goals. 

Even if you're sketchy on these details, our session will give you the right tools for everyone on our team (and yours) to align your content with your goals. 

In-depth ideal customer analysis with 25+ questions to let our content experts live and breath your ideal customer's world. 

A monthly catch up lets our team stay on track with your content goals and gives us a chance to introduce you to any new ideas and plans.  

During our monthly zoom we'll be able to review and report on the last month's content plus present the plan for the month ahead. It's your chance to have a hands-on approach to your content and see what our team has created for you.

Never fear the off/on roller coaster of inconsistent blog content again! 

Each month you will receive 2 x 1000 word copywritten, grammar checked, spelled checked, SEO Keyword optimised articles for your site. 
The articles are written in your brand's voice and include Calls-To-Action for your current promotions. 
If you blog regularly but want to double your content OR if you blog haphazardly and want to see consistent content on your blog, this is for you. 

"Companies with blogs produce an average of 67% more leads monthly than companies that don't blog". (DemandMetric)

It is more important than ever before to stay visible, stay current and stay relevant in your customer's and audience's lives. 
With consistent *quality* social content your brand will shine bright to the right people at the right time. 

If your brand is a little stop/start on social media + you're not sure what to post most of the time this package will help you overcome your sloppy social media. 

57% of consumers will follow a brand to learn about new products or services while 47% will follow to stay up to date on company news. (Sprout Social).

If you have a list of subscribers (even the start of one) you'll need two things; 
1) newsworthy content to share with your subscribers, and...
2) copywritten emails to effectively communicate your content, sales and launches.

For every $1 you spend on emails marketing, you can expect an average return of $42 (DMA, 2019).

Even if you haven't taken your email marketing campaigns seriously you will benefit from communicating with your list (at least) once per month.

A steady stream of custom content ideas is essential for consistent content marketing.

Every month our content, wordy nerds will create two bespoke content ideas for your business. These ideas are aligned to your content goals and present a new way to present and communicate with your ideal customer. This is in addition to any content ideas and strategies we're currently working on for you. 

Content marketing is a magical mix of art, science and psychology. But every strategy starts with an idea. 

The investment for your monthly content package starts at $1700 + GST per month for a minimum commitment of 3 months. (This can be paid at $425 per week).

dollars and cents

That's just under $55 a day to keep your business's content machine powering along in the background, with minimum input from you and maximum return. 

let's get started!

Did you know 70% of organisations are expected to spend more on content creation in 2021? Why? Because it works! 

Source: Gather Content






Six key elements to nail your content marketing each and every month. 

All of this for $1700 per month!

Did you know it takes 5 - 7 impressions for a person to remember your brand? 

That's over $3000 worth of content! 

WE're not done yet! 
Bonuses for you! 

That's over $3000 worth of bonuses! 


Bohemia Owner: Sarah, has over 15 years of marketing, copywriting and content experience. ⁠

We are email marketing expert certified (get response).

We are Inbound Marketing Certified (Hubspot).

We are content nerds, we will work tirelessly to get your content working hard for your business. 

Our clients love us.Click here to see.

 We have written and optimised it all! Articles, social posts, sales pages, email marketing campaigns, ad campaigns, customer experience campaigns, printed and online material.

We are content marketing professionals.

To read more about Sarah, our way of working and our boss brief process, click here. 

Bohemia Owner Sarah holds a Bachelor in Marketing (Trustforte Academy) and a Diploma in Advertising (Macleay College).

you have an amazing service and can offer your customers an experience well above your competitors...

But does your market know this?

Your lack of consistent and quality custom content is *probably* allowing your potential customers to seek solutions elsewhere.
It's a tactical threat to your business.

Let's stop that - now - and have your brand shine to the right people at the right time. 

Let your content show your potential customers that your brand is THE ONLY choice for them.

Why-oh-why do I need a consistent content plan? 

Great question and let’s not sugar coat it - for your business, your product, your service to make an impact and be successful you will need a content plan. Here’s why:

1/ Marketers with documented strategy are 538%more likely to report success than those who don’t. (CoSchedule State-of-Marketing-Strategy 2018). 

2/ Marketers with documented processes (meaning the how to, when to, what to of your marketing strategy) are 466% more likely to report success. (CoSchedule State-of-Marketing-Strategy 2018). 

We could keep going but we think you get it…

What’s different about Bohemia's custom created content? 

The content our team creates for you is optimised to strategically align with your business goals. The content plan we create and work to with you will be SIMPLE because it shouldn’t take too many brain cells!
It will FEEL GOOD because sleaze doesn’t work! 
It will be UNIQUE to your business. 
It will be STRATEGIC so your content can start to do the heavy lifting of the sales department while you focus on other areas of your business. 


Shouldn’t I just create a social media marketing plan? 

For most businesses social media is an important element of your overall marketing plan. BUT it’s not the only thing you need. Also if all the social media disappeared tomorrow, how strong would your business be? All The Bloggy Things will help you branch out and reach different marketing channels.

Who is this package best suited to? 

All The Bloggy Things is a monthly content package, best suited to small to medium businesses, service based businesses and solopreneurs who are ready to get strategic about content and ready to let content take a big place in their business. We are making the assumption that you: 
• Already have an established business/service/website and 
• You are actively working with or selling to customers 
• You have the budget of $1700 per month to invest in content creation.  
• To see how we work, click here. 

I’m just starting out - will this help me? 

Yes! If you’re just starting out in your business, congratulations, what a fun time! This is actually the perfect time to invest in content and All The Bloggy Things will help you become super strategic in no time at all. 

How is this package delivered? 

As All The Bloggy Things is a month to month service, the inclusions are delivered via email after conversations between our two teams. Delivery dates are decided well in advance. 

What’s the refund policy/return policy? 

There is no refund or return policy for content created. We know you will heart your content. For legal reasons, please click here for our refund policy and please click here for our all terms.

I have some questions, can I get in touch? 

Sure can, feel free to fill in our contact form here. 


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