Best In Show 2020: Brands That Have Nailed Their Content.
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Best In Show 2020: Brands That Have Nailed Their Content.

Brand’s are standing up and nailing their content in our interesting times.

Oh my goodness what a year we’ve had.

Suddenly phrases like “social distancing”,  “mask-wearing”, “get-the-eff-away-from-me” and “this cough is not COVID” are all on the tip of our tongues!

For brands, it’s been the most flexible, authentic and fluid which have risen to the top.

Flexible in their approach.
Authentic in their message.
Fluid in their experience.

For me [Sarah, Owner of Bohemia]  there are a few choice businesses which have stood out [in a big way] as brands who have dedicated themselves to staying true to their vision, goals and mission at the same time moving with the constant wave that has been “this year”.

So here we have our “2020 Best in Show” for brands that have nailed their content and brand voice!

Drum roll, please!

In no particular order:



jublyumph best in show branding voice
Why this brand?

Um, did you see the pic?
The pins [if you’re into pins you will already know and love this brand] but back to the pins – the pins are amazing!
And, Owner runs Tasha runs a schmick operation.
The design [which you get sneak peeks of on insta] the packaging, the cards you receive with the package, the actual freaking pins and the whole message of “stay weird”, it’s golden!
The tag line “Making art, pins+tees to remind you to STAY WEIRD everyday”… we heart it so much.

The Herbiary


the herbiary best in show branding voice
Why this brand?

If the tag line: “Eclectic Provisions for Practical Magic” doesn’t have you intrigued then I don’t know what will!
Their deliciously curated insta feed is the perfect supplement to a 15 min couch and tea break when you need a midday refresh.
I always find myself centered, inspired and leaning into my woo after a scroll.
Their “herbiary tips” provide a lot of practical, nature-based, smart S@$% that we all need in our lives.
I know their team has worked hard this year to nail their branding and voice –  so team, you have succeeded!

Nixon’s Closet


nixons closet best in show brand voice

Why this brand?

So, being the parent of a sassy 15 month old, I buy quite the stash of kids wear and accessories.
I actually believe I’m somewhat of an expert at sussing out the ‘great’ online kids stores from the ‘not so great’ ones.
Nixon’s Closet is an awesome little addition to this year’s Best In Show for content and brand voice due to their personal approach and excellent customer service.
They are proof that it doesn’t take too much effort to nail the basics and stand out as a superior small business. Because, guess what; not a lot of businesses do!
Their personal emails thanking you for business, providing a loyalty discount, updating you on delivery times: these are the things that, when done right, make a whole lotta difference.

Musings From The Moon


musings from the moon best in show branding
Why this brand?

Look, I love a bit of moon wisdom and can get very excited about a brand that is a magical mix of “Prose + illustrations, Self-love + Journals, Affirmations and Poetry”.
Seriously; Owner, Jenna has created a stellar brand. Not only does it look beautiful, soft and feminine but the tone and content of each and every post feels so considered and deliberate and meaningful.
That only comes from authenticity. You can’t fake that!
Often I have read these posts when I’ve needed them the most and every one has felt like a big deep breathe and a little hug.
I love this brand!

There you have my pics for this year’s list of brand’s that have nailed their content.

Each choice is an example that content, copy and brand voice does not have to be convoluted or complicated to stand out. It does need to have an anchor, tell a story and inspire some sort of action.
What does your brand stand for?
What is your business here to create?
Why will your customers come back again and again?
If you can weave these messages and create stories around your brand’s unique personality then you are on the path to long term success.
It’s often the small things that set a brand a part from the rest and I wanted to highlight these little legends because they’re doing so much right.

Please note: there was a conscious decision to highlight the small biz guys and gals.

The brands that may not have the million-dollar budgets and the team of ten to support their every whim.
With resources like that it’s easy peasy to stand out and be seen, praised and adored because it’s someone’s [or some team’s] full-time job to do just that.
We’ve also NOT included any brands we’ve supported via content or written any copy for because, you know…ethics. And that would just be blowing our own horn.

*All pics are accredited to the brand’s represented.

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