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When it comes to marketing, CONTENT is King, Queen and Stable Boy! The strength of your content marketing and its ability to connect your ideal customers with your business is fast becoming the key indicator of business success. But why is content marketing so powerful and can it really make THAT big of a difference […]

How to use content marketing to double your business.


What Is Content Marketing? Bohemia Copy and Content

The goal of your content is to help your customers connect with your brand and align themselves with you. You achieve this through conversation. Every piece of content you post or publish is part of a larger conversation you’re having with your customers. Even if you’re not yet aware of this conversation you’re having with […]

4 types of content that helps your customers connect with your brand.


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We are content whores. There, we said it. We llluurrrrvvee the content. ALL-THE-CONTENT.  Did you know that consumers around the world spend an average of 463 minutes or over 7.5 hours per day with media. We can’t get enough of that dang content!  Any business that’s reliant on customers searching, finding and choosing them (ie. […]

Why does my business need a content plan?


why does my business need a content plan? content marketing. Bohemia copywriting.


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