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So you’ve created a game-changing offer/service/product for your ideal customer and propelled your new biz baby into the stratosphere. Now, you’re left struggling to get bums on seats, clicks on posts and orders in the cart. Why, oh why are your ideal customers not scrambling over each other like it’s a Boxing Day Sale to […]

Five ways to “talk” to your ideal customer (in a non-creepy way)


ways to find your ideal customers and talk to them

Your business relies on the strength of your relationships with your customers. And customers LOVE to feel appreciated. Well anyone loves to feel appreciated – it’s a basic need of the human condition – BBBUUUTTT when you hand honest, good earned money over for a service you really love to have a little appreciation returned […]

How to make your customers feel appreciated (and why you should do it today)!


copywriting for small business australia

You may have heard the word around the proverbial water cooler… Inbound Marketing is THE marketing thing and y’al better get on the gravy train.  But just what is it and what does it mean for your business? How do you market – inbound styles? And why in the heck does it work [so] well? […]

What inbound marketing means for your business


inbound marketing for small business and how to achieve it


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