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It’s a truth universal: one of the hardest hurdles your marketing team will face is how to diligently craft a unique voice for your brand so that your biz can stand out to the right customers at the right time. Whilst having a unique brand voice is not necessaily a business MUST to earn revenue, […]

How To Craft Your Brand’s Unique Voice

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The short answer to the question “Is Blogging A Good Way To Increase Sales” is YES! Blogging is a good way to increase sales, and fast – here’s why. I get asked this question a lot from new clients who are testing the water with blogging but not necessarily seeing results. Yes, your business *really* […]

Is Blogging A Good Way To Increase Sales?

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Nail your next big thing with these ten launch content ideas. Bought to you by a real-life, profesh copywriter. You’ve had an idea for something snazzy you want to add to your business’s services or products. You’re keen as mustard to share with your customers and create some serious moola. You’ve set a date and […]

Nail Your Next Launch With These 10 Content Ideas

Planning Your Next Launch Content Should Include A Professional Copywriter

We human beings are big, bundles of unbridled emotion. It is not surprising then that emotion is said to be what carries the most weight when we are making decisions. When you bring into emotions into your copy, your words have more power in influencing your audience. Think about it. Desire, love, fear, guilt, and […]

Why Writing Emotionally Is More Important Than You Think

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The cursor blinks incessantly at you. Words fail to come. Frustration builds. The blank white page staring you in the face is blinding. Welcome to writer’s block, my friend! Truth be told, all copy starts with a blank page. But when deadlines, not-to-be missed opportunities, customers and clients (yes, we still love you xx) are […]

Overcome Writer’s Block By Getting Back To Basics

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