How To Convert Past Customers Into New Customers Via Content.
Convert via content

How To Convert Past Customers Into New Customers Via Content.

Content gives you the ability to nurture and convert more of the customers you love.

Did you know it is 16 times as costly to build a long-term business relationship with a new customer than simply to convert an existing customer or woo a past customer back to your business?

Say, what? It’s true! So if you’ve been reminiscing about the existing customers who filled up your work life (and bank account) with joy – the time to refresh that love affair is NOW.  

In fact, even if you haven’t thought about your existing customers, focusing all your attention on new customers we’re challenging you to IMAGINE just for a moment what your existing customers could do for you and your business.

Side note:
We don’t really believe in ‘past customers’ at Bohemia. Even if you worked with us two years ago, you’re still an ‘existing’ customer. When you think about your existing customers, think about
your existing ideal customers – you know the ones who really dig your work, have already paid for your product or service and given half the chance would more than likely do it again!

The probability of selling your THANG to an existing customer is
60 – 70% and the probability of selling to a new prospect is 5 – 20%. Wowsa!

You see? These peeps are lucrative!

Sure, generating and converting fresh leads is an effective part of your marketing activity (if done well).

But the truth is your existing customers can easily become repeat customers if you give them the chance and lead them through the process.

Here are three ways you can adjust your customer love strategy to ensure your existing customers contribute to a bottomless source of revenue!

1. Look at slightly expanding your solutions

To ensure you are more than just a one-hit-wonder in your customer’s eyes, you may need to *stack* your services or expand upon what is already existing. 

In other words, you need to give them a valid and reasonable reason to BUY or BOOK once more.

If you don’t sell a consumable product that needs restocking it’s a good idea to put yourself in your customer’s shoes and figure out how to meet their needs in a new way. For example: 

  • Can you offer a new, add-on or premium service to something they have already purchased?
  • Can you expand on their existing collection of your products?
  • Have you released a new, updated version, round or edition?
  • Upsell! Cross-sell! Make personalised product recommendations!
  • Can you offer them something completely new and unique (while still staying in your lane and zone of genius?)
  • Can you educate them to incorporate your brand into their daily routine?

Remember: just because you solved one of their pain points a week, month or year ago, doesn’t mean they don’t have new or additional problems.

Figure out how you can solve ’em, Sherlock!

2. Stay present and visible in your customer’s world

Try not to shimmy off the face of the Earth once you have completed the job or shipped their order!

Your customer’s “experience” doesn’t end there my friend — you need to werk that relationship, baby.

Nurture them, keep in touch (with valid reasons), stay in their world in a genuine but oh-so-slightly-scheduled way.

This is where heart-centered and intentional business crosses with strategic goodness and WE LOVE IT!

We hear you asking how you can stay in their world in a non-spammy way?

Here’s some ideas to stay relevant:

  • Continue to drop love bombs in their inbox with free content.
  • Keep them updated on any industry changes (their industry or the industry you’re both a part of).
  • Maintain the ‘conversations’ you are both a part of.
  • Follow, like and give them social media shout outs.
  • Share exciting news with them.
  • If you launch something give them an ‘insiders look’.
  • Share wicked opportunities and offerings.
  • Say thank you. For more on that, click here.
  • Acknowledge the moments that matter to them. Oh this is a good one, for more on this, click here.
  • ASK them if there is anything you can help them with. This simple email strategy is golden.

Stay all up in their face (in the best, possible way).

marketing-strategy-customer-experience-converting-customers3. Convert existing customers into repeat customers by planning for it

That’s right you heard it – assume right from the beginning that you will convert your existing customers into repeating customer.

Turning leads into existing customers and into repeat customers should always be a part of your master plan — your customer love strategy.

Don’t be left wondering how you can get them to buy again after they’ve made their first purchase: organise and strategise.

We touched on it in the previous point, but scheduling in post-sale touchpoints is critical.

You know we love a good schedule here at Bohemia.

  • Shoot them a quick ‘n friendly reminder to replenish their product if it’s due to run out.
  • Use the anniversary of their purchase or engagement of your services as a good excuse to check in, reconnect and remind them you still exist.
  • If they’ve restocked their cart, but abandoned or become distracted before purchase, can you notify them? Most CRM’s have this ability!
  • Retarget your past customers with new ads and content. If you’re already doing facebook ads, retargeting is the next step for you.
  • And finally, another tried and true strategy: develop a loyalty or rewards program that entices and incentivises your customers to repeat their buying habits from the offset. Free shipping, credit points, discounts, bonuses and freebies are often all it takes for a consumer to make a second, third and thirty-third purchase.

We bet you’re feeling inspired to rekindle your relationship with all your customers RIGHT?

This is just scraping the surface on our strategies for converting your existing customers into repeat customers! 

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