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ways to find your ideal customers and talk to them

Five ways to “talk” to your ideal customer (in a non-creepy way)

So you’ve created a game-changing offer/service/product for your ideal customer and propelled your new biz baby into the stratosphere.

Now, you’re left struggling to get bums on seats, clicks on posts and orders in the cart.

Why, oh why are your ideal customers not scrambling over each other like it’s a Boxing Day Sale to get what you have lovingly created?

What we can tell you is this:

Just because you’ve built it; made it; poured blood, sweat, and tears into it – doesn’t mean your ideal customers will automatically appear.

You need to make yourself highly visible and relatable.

You need to “talk” to your ideal customer. 

Here are five ways you can track down your ideal customer and “talk” to them (in a real, human, non-creepy way)

1. Know who your ideal customer is – know who you’re talking to.

Before you can find your tribe and start loving on them hard, you need to know exactly who you’re showing up for.

You see, instead of trying to be all-of-the-things to all-of-the-people you’ll actually get more bang for your buck when you strive to be everything to one person.

That is a very specific type of consumer.

Your ideal customer.

Your ideal customer will likely come from a certain demographic, possess common characteristics, and have very specific pain points or needs that your product or service can address.

Research, identify, understand, and keep that persona front of mind so you can get a crystal-clear message across and attract the people who truly need or want to hear it!

How does your ideal customer like to interact?
Do they comment hard on insta or do they stay in the shadows?
Are they all about DM’s or could they care less about social?
Would a pick up the phone *real* conversation work for them or do they prefer email?

These are the type of things to consider when planning how to communicate with your ideal customer.

2. Put on your party shoes and get social *networking*.

Now that you basically have your ideal customer on speed dial, you should have a pretty good idea of where they go to seek information online.

Which social media platforms and forums are they currently hanging on? What are they talking about and asking for? What makes them laugh out loud and eases their pain a little?

Meet them there, join the community and offer up valuable content! Bam.

Explore relevant hashtags and contribute to the conversation in comments sections in an insightful way.

And please. For the love of Salted Caramel — don’t act like (or hire) a social bot.

Authentic, heart-centred connection? Real *human* interaction?

Always ‘n forever, baby.

talk to your ideal customer in their language


3. Romance the shiz outta Google mmmkkkk?

You’ve got a rock-solid message and impeccable content to boot.


How do you make your sensational blogs, videos, podcasts, images, posts, and articles visible to the right people?

By the power of keywords, Search Engine Optimisation, and hashtags — that’s how.

86% of consumers use the Internet to find a local business (WebVisible survey)

You see, people use Google, Siri, Pinterest, and their Instagram search bar (and everything in between) to research and decide on what they want.

Good visibility requires your offering to sit way up high in those search results, which means you’d be crazy not to optimise your content marketing products for rankings and algorithms and such.

Start by sussing out the keywords your ideal customers are using to find information about meeting a need or dealing with a dilemma your brand solves.

Once you have identified those buzz words, include them in your titles, tags, and all online content!

Keep this in mind – everything you write, every word on your page is part of a conversation with your customers. 


4. Invest in it.

At Bohemia, we will always advocate for organic growth strategies.

That’s because we know small biz bosses like you don’t always have the budget to sustain large-scale advertising and media campaigns.

In saying that, paying for Google and Facebook Ads that are curated strategically, carefully, and with a clear Call to Action could be a worthwhile investment in getting your brand in front of a specific and highly targeted set of eyes.

Especially if you’re in the early days of building your business and audience and looking for a quick and cost-effective boost in clicks, genuine followers, orders, bookings or subscribers!

Be sure about your budget and what you’re comfortable investing because without a guide you can easily end up overspending. When you have more confidence and can see good interaction (and money in the account) then double down on the investment.

As we mentioned in point 3 – every word on every page you have, the brochures you print, the social channels you publish to is part of a larger converstiaon with your customers. If you need help with ALL-THE-WORDY-THINGS and you are ready to invest in your copy and content, let us know, we’re here to help. 

5. Get pole position on your existing customers’ love list.

One way to “talk” to your ideal customers is to empower your existing customers to do it for you!

You see, behind every satisfied consumer is at least one like-minded bestie who wants exactly what they’re having!

With word of mouth marketing is STILL one of the most effective and best forms of marketing with people 90% more likely to trust and buy from a brand recommended by a friend.

If you can stay connected and in a space of service with your existing customers, you’ll compel them to broadcast your awesomeness to their own inner circle. Soon enough you will be tapping into a bevy of new (and ideal) potential customers.


And so there you have it! FIVE simple, effective, and super proactive ways to up the ante in the noticeability stakes and lock eyes with your ideal customer.
If this article has given you some real food for thought and you’re feeling inspired and ready to become the Beyonce of your industry, there’s plenty more where that came from.

You see, the topic of talking to your ideal customer might get us all kinds of giddy here at Bohemia, for one good reason – we LOVE this work. So let us know how we can help you today.


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