Stuck converting leads?

If we had a dollar for every boss who’s told us: “I struggle with converting my leads into customers because I am not good at the ‘selling’ part’ and I choke” we would be squillionairres!

Maybe you can relate you amazing boss you – you have an awesome product, nailed an inbound marketing strategy with killer content and have an abundance of fresh, hot-to-trot leads — but cannot seem to turn them into money-makin’ sales?!

You’ve seen an uptick in visitors, followers, downloads, clicks, comments and subscribers — but your campaign still feels dead in the water and you struggle to convert leads into customers.


Before we begin to riff on authentic conversions, can we just demystify one thing for you?

Just because you believe you weren’t born to sell, doesn’t mean you can’t.

In fact, sales is a science, not an inherent gift.

It’s a skill you can hone and nail with some thoughtful planning and implementation.

Ok, now we’ve cleared that up, let’s get into the nitty gritty of how to convert promising leads into paying clients and customers!

1. Have a plan

In other words, strategy, strategy, strategy.

Gosh we luurve that word.

A strategy is golden because unlike your eyeliner you cannot wing your marketing and sales plan!

AND “hope” is not a plan.

Remember, it can take a person multiple touch points with your brand before you secure their business, so it’s best you get on to increasing those impressions pronto.

Having a clearly defined lead generation response protocol as part of your customer love strategy will also help you identify a proactive approach to converting hot leads as soon as they land in your pretty lil hands.

There are two things your lead conversion strategy should accomplish:

The first, is to qualify the lead.

You see, just because someone has interacted, doesn’t mean you’re a match made in heaven.

Your plan will allow you to determine your lead’s need for your product or service, their capacity to purchase it and — how can you meet them where they’re at.

The second thing is that your conversion strategy should outline what your person’s next interaction with your brand will be once they’ve nabbed a fair dinkum spot in your pipeline.

How will you reach out and connect with them? Will it be via phone, email or in person?
How will you proceed to further build their awareness of your biz and its products and services?
How will you continue inform and educate them about prices, new offerings, events and announcements?

Once you’ve figured out the HOW the next step is the WHAT.
What will you say to them once you connect?
What actions will help you build that connection?
What steps do you want them to take? 

A good plan basically empowers you to schedule powerful follow-ups and other touch points that will provide value to the prospective customer’s journey.

marketing-customers-bohemia-sarah-bidmead2. Act like you’re already besties 

The quicker you can build a genuine rapport with your leads, the quicker they’ll trust you enough to become an actual customer.

Even if they aren’t initially ready to move quickly through the sales process, nurturing a relationship with them from the beginning will also ensure they circle back to you when they are indeed ready to open up their purse *and hearts* to you.

Successfully friend-zoning a lead and building a powerful connection starts by aligning your lead conversion activities with the kind of values upheld and honoured in any real-deal friendship.

Here are a few (authentic, heart-centred) tactics that will leave an interested consumer feeling loved-up and oh-so-spesh.

  1. Do your best to understand them on a deep, deep level.
    How can you find out a little more about them?
    Even if it’s a quick stalk of their social media profile, the more information you have, the better.
  2. Show genuine concern for their paint points.
    What is their core problem? How can you serve them? How does your product/service answer their need?
    Let all of your communications be guided by their unique needs.
  3. Make them a priority.
    You always put our mates first so do the same for your leads!
    Even if you’re juggling dozens of prospective customers, aim to make each one feel as though they’re the centre of your world.
    You know that feeling when someone focuses their attention on you and you feel warm and fuzzy and heard and understood? Yea, aim for that.
  4. Personalise their customer experience.
    Can you reach out to them with a personalised note, gift or offer? Read here for more info on that one!
    Build your follow-up communications around what they desire — not what is convenient for you and your biz. Be adaptable!And our favourite?
  5. Be human.
    Don’t be stuffy, robotic and…completely digital.
    Think about it: your relationship with your bestie isn’t solely built on automated, formal emails, is it? Nope!
    The best friendships revolve around good coffee (even better rosé), belly laughs and a regular telephone chin-wag.
    Use those traits as inspiration for your lead interactions and get out from behind your computer screen!
    In other words

    3. Aim for crystal clear clarity 

As soon as a lead has shared their deets with you — whether it’s via an event registration, an opt-in, a newsletter subscription, a pop-up form, a social media comment or email enquiry — you need to be crystal clear on what you can offer them in the next step of their customer journey.

You need to hold their hand and guide them.

Of course, any follow up communications need to be provocative, relevant, educational and compelling but importantly, they need a clear call to action that will drive them closer to a sale.

Don’t be afraid to tell your lead what you want from them!

“I want you to take advantage of this time-sensitive offer.”
“I want you to sign-up for my free newsletter.”
“I want you to change your life with this product.”

What we’re trying to say is: don’t be backward in coming forward.

An explicit, un-muddled message is a lot harder for your leads to ignore!


In case it wasn’t obvious, authentic conversions is our love language.
We love a good conversion story — and we know there are plenty in your biz’s future.
Why not get a head start with Your Biz Customer Kit?

Article created with the help of contributing Author: Jenna Fairbairn.

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