How To Craft Your Brand’s Unique Voice
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How To Craft Your Brand’s Unique Voice

It’s a truth universal: one of the hardest hurdles your marketing team will face is how to diligently craft a unique voice for your brand so that your biz can stand out to the right customers at the right time.

Whilst having a unique brand voice is not necessaily a business MUST to earn revenue, it is a MUST if you are creating a business built on long term/on going client or customer relationships, engagement and repeat business.

It is also ESSENTIAL if your brand operates in a higly competitive market and you face competiton from all angles.

You will find it necessary to reevaluate your brand’s voice if you are coming up against high customer churn rates or low conversion numbers.

Once your company’s brain trust (think Owners/Leaders/Marketing minds) sit down and strategise your brand’s voice, you may be surprised how simple it can be. Simple, yet highly defined is what you’re looking for.

You can use simple words and examples when confirming your brand’s voice to your marketing team. That way, they’ll have a guideline to follow when posting, writing and commenting on behalf of your brand.

Here are some questions to get the creative juices flowing and see what bubbles to the surface when defining your brand’s voice:

1/ What do we do really well?

This is a given. You must know exactly how you can help your customer; how your product or service can change their life for the better and how your biz can assist them right now. This is your THING. The one thing that your business is excellent at. You must know what this thing is (and why it really matters to your customer) when you set about crafting your brand’s voice.

2/ How are we different from our competitors?

What makes your biz so special?

Why should a customer choose you over the biz down the street (or the next biz on the google results)?

What do you offer that another biz does not?

How can you change your customer’s life in a way they can’t?

At Bohemia, we 100% believe in community over competition. There is enough of the pie for everyone! We love to collaborate and are actively looking for more companies with whom to partner in 2021. However, in this research phase of discovering your brand’s voice, take a moment and realise that if your customer is choosing to spend money with another business over yours, then that business is your competition and a little due diligence in understanding why your customer is making that decision is necessary. 

The differences between you and your competitors can make a big impact on how you position your brand, and ultimately your USP.

3/ What does our customer really need or want (right now)?

You know we’re big on ideal customer information up in these parts, right?

Like we’re really big on it. 100% of our new clients will go through an ‘ideal customer’ questionnaire and a lot of strategy around exactly to whom any new content is meant to reach because it’s that important!

So think about your ideal customer and write out the list of exactly what they really need or want (right now).

And the ‘right now’ is essential because that’s how you can start to speak to them in a way that makes sense and impact their day-to-day.

Even if you find the list of things your customer needs or wants is very loosely connected to your current offer, product or service, that’s ok. Keep going. Keep that list of things they need building.

4/ Why are we the best choice for them? 

Thinking about your brand voice in general – really ask yourself this question: Why are we the best choice for our customers?

Whenever you have an answer, ask WHY to that answer. 

For example, let’s say you are a therapist, and you work out of practice with multiple therapists providing psychology sessions for families going through troubling times.

Question: Why are we the best choice for our customers?
Answer: Because we provide a safe space for a family to share their fears and frustrations whilst going through a troubling period.

Why? Why do we provide this space?
Answer: Because we value our customer’s space, we want them to feel safe and secure whilst working through emotional traumas.

Why? Why do we want them to feel safe?
Answer: Because we’re dedicated to helping them heal and feeling safe is a big part of healing.

Why? Why are we dedicated to helping them heal?

You get it!

You keep going until you have enough answers to feel like you’ve really gotten to the crux of what is truly important to your company.

Why do you do what you do? Why are you the ONLY choice for your customer?

Companies with teams can ask this to the team and see what comes up. It’s an interesting exercise in a team because you may not realise all the little golden nuggets of information your team feels is relevant and existing for your customers which you can then use in your marketing. 

5/ How will our customer decide on who is the best choice for them? 

You may have a clear idea of why you think you’re the best choice for your customers, however, your customers may decide on who is the best choice for them differently.

They may decide that cost, location, timings, accessibility or other factors are more important to them than the reasons you’ve outlined in the previous question.

So dig a little deeper and go back to your ideal customer information and consider how they make decisions (right now).

What is it that matters to them most when choosing a service like yours, and how will they decide to choose you?

6/ How Are We Communicating To Our Customers? 

So you have all of this wonderful information about what your biz does best, and how you’re the best choice for your customers and why they will choose you over anyone else. 

How are you showing this information? How are you communicating it? More importantly, how are you communicating it to your customers? 

Do you feel your website truly represents your brand’s voice and speaks directly to your ideal customer? 

Do you think your social media showcases your brand’s personality and message? 

Do you think your email marketing is on point with your brand’s voice and message? 

How are you currently communicating with your customers and how could you start to communicate more effectively?

Your brand’s voice lets you share information, content and connection in a certain tone and a certain way.

Would Chanel ever send you a text message saying “What’s up? 30% in-store only event today!” No. But the local stationery store might. 

7/ How Do We Want Our Brand To Feel?

There are a lot of branding exercises that talk about “If your brand was an ice-cream flavour what would it be?” And “If your brand was a celebrity, who would it be?” But I think we can sum up most of those questions with one big question: how do we want our brand to feel?

Surprise, yes brand have feelings!

Do you want your brand to feel homey and comfortable, like a pair of old jeans and a sweater?

Do you want your brand to feel trendy and sleek? All summery and bright? Dark and sexy?

Brands have feelings. It’s what helps great brands connect to customers on a deeply emotional and personal level.

Once you can answer all the above questions, start getting into the feeling side of your brand. Many branding experts talk about the feeling of a brand is more important than the actual products!

Why These Questions Matter To Crafting A Unique Brand Voice

All of these questions create a guideline for your brand’s voice. The way in which you share your big message to the world. The way in which you highlight why your products and services are essential parts of your ideal customer’s life. The way in which you create community, revenue and retention.

They also help to form the foundation of your unique selling point, or USPYour USP outlines why you are different. It lets you stand out from the rest of your competitors and be seen as the only choice for your customers.


A unique selling point is not a discount code for first-time buyers, it’s not an ‘open 24/7’ sign, it’s not a ‘free shipping’ policy or the fact you have a fancy chatbot on your site.
In fact, these little ad ons are pretty much standard these days. So if the goal is to stand out and be seen as a unique and thrilling choice for your customer, you need to raise the bar. 

Bottom Line 

Use the questions we’ve outlined in this article and take an hour for some marketing brainstorming.

The questions may feel similar, but they’re not. Layed in their difference, each of them is essential when crafting a brand voice and outlining to your customers why you are the best choice for them. You want to create content that is impossible to ignore for your ideal customer, and it all starts with how you position your brand. 

For help in crafting your brand voice, speak to us today – we’re here to help. 

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