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Feeling like a busy worker bee creating content for your ideal customer left-right-center but got zilch to show for it?

We hear you boss! 

Let’s drop a little truth bomb right here…

Simply creating good quality content and uploading it on your blog DOES NOT guarantee you will stand out to your ideal customers.

Bbbuutttt with a few smart, simple strategies you make your content impossible to ignore.

At Bohemia we are *big* content lovers – it’s like our job, right? But more than that; we get EXCITED about quality content served up to the right peeps at the right time… .ahhhhhh [sigh of satisfaction].

We want to help you skyrocket the interaction your customers enjoy with your “content’ – your blog posts, videos, podcasts and interviews – so that you and your business can start seeing serious ROI (marketing term meaning all your hard word starts turning into cold hard cash).

Here are some of our favourite smart, simple and effective content strategies to make your content impossibe to ignore:

  1.     Be consistent — and persistent

Your content is the embodiment of your brand’s message.

It showcases your unique value and gives your future customers a sneak peek into how you, your services and products will *transform* their world.

Your content also allows for your customers to see who are, what beliefs you hold true and what core values drive your business.

The more consistent you are with your content’s message and voice, the more familiar and memorable your biz and its mission becomes to the peeps you’re looking to attract. 

McKinsey & Company says “The Three C’s of Customer Satisfaction” are: consistency, consistency, consistency.

Consistency builds trust with your customers. Even if they don’t *need* something at the time you publish content (who are we kidding, we all need something!) By the time next week or next month rolls around, when they go looking for THAT-THING-YOU-DO they’ll know where to find it. 

If you feel a little ‘all over the shop’ with your content here’s a pro tip: Set aside an hour to audit of all of your online “homes” and marketing collateral — website, social media, landing pages and beyond — make sure your house is in order and you’re happy that your brand’s voice and message is consistent across the board. 

Now let’s talk about persistence. 

You see, it’s not what you do one time — it’s what you do all the time that creates a consistent content message.

Show up again and again (and again and again and again) because some customers [most actually] require multiple impressions and interactions with you and your brand before they remember or recognise you.  

The goal is to establish an unshakeable (but pleasant) presence that helps them sit up straight and pay attention to you and what you have to offer. 

  1.      Buddy up your social media with your content 

Exceptional content (created specifically for your ideal customer) provides social media golden goose eggs.

If you have a social media presence but no idea what to post – look at your existing content.

Do you have articles on your blog? Take a clip, sentence or quote from an existing article and share it. 

Do you have a sentence or tag line that you use with your customers that embodies so much about what you do and who you are? Share it.

Are you working on any exciting client projects that you share a snippet from? Share it.

Have you created an epic freebie for your tribe? Share the deets or an excerpt.

Chance are it’s in the magical land of social media that all your future customers are hanging these days — so, you might as well take the chance to have your content seen and shared!

how to create highly shareable content online

3. Create your content with the aim to be highly shareable

We know you’re going to be proactive and share your blog posts to social media yourself. Another tip to make your content impossible to ignore, is to go a step further and make it super convenient for readers to share it.

You do this simply by making sure each post you publish has share buttons for social media.

Once the post has landed on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter, getting clicks is obviously your first goal — but a repost or share (x 987) is where the real brownie points are at.

You see, shareable content is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to reaching a new audience…and another…and then another.

We live in a world where the strangest things can go viral, so if a goat or cat can get an exponential amount of likes, shares and comments — so can your brand.

But how?

Here are a few quick ideas:

  • Create a call to action on posts that encourages viewers to tag or share with a friend who could benefit from the information.
    Just be honest and tell ‘em what you want them to do, straight up!
  • Incentivise people to follow, re-share and tag their bestie with a giveaway or some other perk.
  • Get creative. If it feels in alignment with your brand, aim for belly laughs or a bit of quirk factor!
  • Use videos. Facebook and Instagram algorithms love themselves a video so if you want your content to show up in pole position in someone’s newsfeed, try to deliver some of your content in this format.
  • Leverage hashtags. Hijack trending (but relevant) hashtags to ensure your post or image ends up in an en vogue lineup of content.
    Also be sure to incorporate other well-researched keywords into your tags to ensure your stuff becomes visible to your ideal customer.
  • Play devil’s advocate with your audience’s opinions and see if you can facilitate some dignified debate and passionate conversations in the comments sections. The more people you can get talking about your post, the more exposure it will get.creating content for social media small business australia
  1.     Leverage your email subscribers

Your email list is an incredibly important digital asset.

So try to not let it collect virtual dust, mmkkkkay?

Newsletters and other EDMs (marketing jargon for customer-targeted email communications) are a potent way to drop little love bombs right on into your customer’s and subscriber’s laps.

While social media and search engine reach is dictated by algorithms, your email reach is only limited by your own efforts.

Sending regular emails containing highlights, snippets, and links to your recent stellar content (blogs, podcasts and other useful website and social media content) can be a surefire way to reach people who aren’t actively keeping tabs on all your channels and platforms.

  1.  Offer your services as a guest blogger

The thing about blogging on your own piece of internet real estate is this; unless you’re actively sharing it elsewhere, it won’t necessarily expand your reach beyond your existing visitors.

Guest blogging and content syndication on the other hand empowers you to reach another (aligned and relevant) brand’s established audience and “borrow” their platform for a bit.

It’s important to know that duplicating content across many different sites will have a negative impact on your search rankings so make sure you’re contributing fresh and original content to well-known sites in your industry.

Hosting a guest blogger on your own blog is an alternative tactic — with similar results.

This is because guest bloggers will bring their own, new-to-you audiences to your blog when they guest post and promote it to their social media network. You’ll be bound to see an uptick on your own website traffic and social media followers as their traffic heads your way.

how to stand out with content online

6.Diversify your content!

There are dozens of ways to repackage one single idea and ultimately maximise the lifespan of your magnificent work.

Repurpose your content into multiple formats!

A blog post can become an infographic or a podcast.

A podcast can become a blog post or video.

An eBook can be remastered into several blog posts, infographics or video tutorials.

Those same video tutorials can then be posted on YouTube, Vimeo and all over social media.

Also – your ‘aged’ content can get a new lease on life by sprucing it up a little. Orbit Media says “only 55% of bloggers update old posts. Those who do are 74% more likely to get strong results.”

Basically, repurpose and recycle until the cows come home.

Aside from your filling your content calendar up nicely, the magic of bundling your content is that is allows you to speak to the various preferences of your audience. Some people might prefer to read your content, while others like to watch or listen!

There you have 6 quick tips on how to make your content impossible to ignore. We hope you took away some great content ideas to start using today!


Bosses, try not to post content for the sake of it. If you’re struggling to create content try to center yourself and come back to your purpose, your message, the main goal of your business – what are you trying to achieve? If you are not clear with your content then maybe there is a reason why it’s not flowing.

Trust us. We know how much time, effort, and caffeine goes into brainstorming, developing, and generating killer customer-based content.

It hurts our hearts when we see ripper content fail to reach its true potential OR when we see Bosses which such brilliant intentions but no confidence or strategy on how to successfully communicate those intentions through content!

Creating fantastic content and making it visible to your target audience is a hot topic during our 1:1 copy workshops so if you’re ready to learn some and get creating, let us know.

We are all about wordy solutions and if you need help with any copy or content conundrums we’re here for you!


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