Nail Your Next Launch With These 10 Content Ideas
Planning Your Next Launch Content Should Include A Professional Copywriter

Nail Your Next Launch With These 10 Content Ideas

Nail your next big thing with these ten launch content ideas.

Bought to you by a real-life, profesh copywriter.

You’ve had an idea for something snazzy you want to add to your business’s services or products.
You’re keen as mustard to share with your customers and create some serious moola.
You’ve set a date and want to get started (like yesterday). 

Now comes the time to plan your launch strategy. 

Number one item on that list!?

Launch content ideas that will help introduce your audience to your offer, convince them of its need-ability and drive them to become paying customers.

If you’re serious about your launch you’ll plan a professional copywriter and content creator as your launch side-kick.

A note on the pre-launch phase 

During this phase, you are starting to bring together your product and service with the market that will be enjoying your product or service. A good first step is to put all your big launch goals, content plans and ideal customer information onto a board or program like Evernote so you can capture all the info in one place.  In the pre-launch phase, there are no bad ideas!
Get all your ideas out on a board or paper and see what feels really good to you, what will work for your ideal customer and the ideas that are going to be both relatively easy to pull off, cost-effective and lead to the biggest returns.
You can start to ‘tease’ your audience and build anticipation for your next drop with pre-launch content. Pre-launch content is an excellent way to let your market know something big is coming, and to bubble to the surface any buy-it-now customers who will press that purchase button as soon as it’s live.


Important pre-launch phase questions!

Please ask yourself these questions before you start to write any pre-launch copy.

  1. Who is your ideal customer? 
  2. What are their main goals, motivations, fears and aspirations? 
  3. How does your product or service make your customer’s life better? 
  4. What level of awareness does your customer have about the problem your product or service solves? 
  5. How will your customer experience or enjoy your product or service (physically and emotionally)? 
  6. What decision(s) do your customers need to make in order to easily choose your product or service?
  7. Why would your customer switch from their existing solution to your solution? OR What is going to make them switch?
  8. What are the goals for the sales of your product or service? 
  9. What content do you need to support your launch goals? 
  10. Are we giving any pre-launch marketing content away/are we generating leads for this launch? 
  11. How will this content be created, designed, distributed?

You can start creating a base for your content in your pre-launch phase.
If you’re taking the step to conduct research or interview potential customers about your new big thing, this is where you can start to see what feedback is jumping out at you (that can be then used in the copywriting phase) and start to make a list of any objections that may appear.

Another sneaky question I would add isDo I need a professional Copywriter?
Now, shameless I know, but I (as the Owner of a copywriting and content studio would say “Hell yes you need a professional copywriter”!
At Bohemia, we offer launch content creation as a copywriting service to our existing and new customers. In fact, we kinda love it. We’re the cheerleader types, the “Oh my god that’s a good idea” types and the types that roll up our sleeves and do the work to get this ship launched well.
To connect with me and share your content goals please schedule a free 30minute chat here. 


content launch checklist

Ten Launch Content Ideas From A Professional Copywriter

1. Mission, Goals and Values.

Any time you launch something new is a great excuse to revisit your business’s mission, goals and value proposition.

Why is it that you do what you do?
What is the big idea behind your business?
What values drive you and drive your brand? 

Think about all the new customers that your launch will be attracting – they may have never connected with you before. Don’t take for granted that every customer will know who you are and what you stand for.

This oh-so-important information is what will ignite a desire in your customers to work with you.


2. A sales page for your new big thing.

Every new big thing needs a sales page with ALL the information.

Here’s a quick sales page cheat sheet of the crucial information a professional copywriter will ask you for:

  • What is the product or service.
  • What is the big idea behind the product or service.
  • Why this product or service is necessary for your customer.
  • What it will do for a customer.
  • Why a customer needs it now.
  • The benefits of them having this product or service in their life.A sales page also helps create a clear sales path – you need to lay those breadcrumbs for your customer’s to follow.
    A strategic, copywritten, optimised sales page can really make the difference between an ah-mazing launch and a lukewarm launch. This second in a list of ten launch content ideas is a big one – a sales page is the ‘central hub’ of activity for your launch and not one to be skipped over! 


3. A way for your customers to put their hands up and say “Yes I want this!” 

As strange as it sounds, a “path to purchase” is an often forgotten element to launch content.
Some brands just add a “buy now” button instead of planning a sales path for their customers.
As far as content goes, a sales path can include things like: 

  • An introduction to your offer
  • Reasons why your offer is important to your customer
  • Reasons why your offer is needed now
  • Your buttons (call to action) on your website/email
  • Your Thank you pages 
  • Your confirmation emails 
  • Your free trial details 
  • Your optimised check out page  
  • Your delivery of product or service email 
  • Your follow up email 
  • Your quote or proposal document and email

    Basically any of the steps that you’ve put in place to take your customer from prospect to paid.

4. An email introducing your new big thing to your existing customers.

“Acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing customer”.

That’s right 5 Times. So if you have a list of existing customers, let them know about your big, new thing.
A reminder to go the extra step and let them know how it can benefit them and why you’re letting them know about it so that your email can start to generate real interest for you.  

Launch content ideas from a professional copywriter.

5. A personal email introducing your new big thing to your professional circle.

We’re halfway through our list of ten launch content ideas. Number five is a great one – especially if you are adding a new product or service to your existing stable of offers.

Being able to *softly* launch it to your existing professional network can help you test the waters and optimise your launch before you go out the big market. A personal email to your circle is also a great way to start generating interest and helps your network start to connect you with potential customers.


6. Eight to ten social posts introducing your followers to your new big thing.

Nowadays, your launch content checklist is nowhere if it doesn’t have a social post or two on the list! Social media has provided us with an excellent delivery method for launches. However, it’s not as simple as posting an image and a series of hashtags and expecting the big bucks to roll in. Plan your social posts strategically with benefit based, personality-rich copy that will bubble to the surface your ideal customers.


7. A press release launching your new thing to the media. 


If it’s applicable to do so, let the world know about your launch! The best press releases contain timely information that’s newsworthy (for right now) and something of interest. Media outlets are just as hungry for content as we all are, you just have to learn the best ways to pitch your story to them. 


8. FAQ’s page

Interesting to put on a list of ten launch content ideas but very much needed! If you’ve got a lot of info you need to share with your customers, but don’t want it taking up valuable space on your sales page? Make an FAQ’s page! This will cut your objections in half because you’re answering questions before they’re answered. It allows the ‘fence sitters’ to really see if this offer is for them or not. 


9. Five blog posts

Ok, five to ten blog posts! BLOGGING IS IMPORTANT!

These blog articles will not all just about the sell, these articles are based on the questions, conversations and stories that walk along with your sell. For example, each benefit of your product or service could be reversed engineered as the topic for a blog post.

Blog articles will allow your site to be indexed higher, rank higher and stand out to the Google gods as a reputable, reliable source of information for your customers.
Articles on your blog also give you a great content piece to promote on social media that is not necessarily about the sale, but it gets your ideal customers on your site (and then of course you plan for them to stumble across your sales page).

The art of content marketing is best left to the pros, otherwise, it can land as a hard sell for a prospect and turn people off from listening and engaging with your brand. To speak with us today about your launch content or all the bloggy things, click here to schedule a time. 

ten launch content ideas to have your next launch a success

10. A facebook ad, Linkedin ad, Google ad file.

The final item on your list of ten launch content ideas is the ad copy. You’ve created your product or service, you’re creating your content for it, you are ready to promote it…now what?
Get ready to share, *spend* and sell your new big thing!
Most businesses will use a mix of facebook/instagram, Linkedin and Google ads to attract new customers.
Make sure it’s copywritten, strategic and optimised.


Does every launch need ten content ideas? 


No. Some launches need far more, and some will be successful with less. But these ten launch content ideas will get you started to think about ‘what else’ you can create.

In an ideal world, you would create a product or service, post one update on insta and sell out in seconds. Now, this can happen in some extreme cases BUT for most B2B or service providers, there is a lot more work that goes into a successful launch than you may realise.

By taking a professional, strategic approach you will stand out in your market as a true leader, a professional and reliable provider and you’ll be supported by content that is designed to sell for you. Some launches will need 10X the amount of content than this! Some will use a lot less, it depends on your industry, your current customers, your stage of business and your big goals for the launch.

Here’s a last-minute pre-launch quick little double-check.

  • Please check spelling, grammar, facts and stats! Please! 
  • Keep the content consistent and the messaging clear across the website, emails, socials and ads. 
  • Add your meta and alt text where it’s necessary. 
  • Check your links, your opt-in’s and your thank you/ purchase pages before you hit the GO button. 


Extra Launch Content Ideas To Consider  

If you are launching something *HUGE* and you need EVERYTHING in a launch strategy: pre-launch marketing, lead generation, digital ads, sales processes, email marketing etc then please consider a professional content strategy and a written content plan. So you and everyone involved in your launch knows what is happening when and who is responsible.

If you’re opening a brick and mortar, local business then your content plan will be different and include some printed, hard copy marketing material that you can distribute around your community to let everyone know “you’ve arrived!”.


That’s A Wrap – You Have Your Ten Launch Content Ideas!

You are so ready to jump on the launch countdown. Woo hoo – well done!
If the thought of writing all-the-words is a little overwhelming and meanwhile, who has the time???
Reach out to us. For all your launch copy to be #doneforyou by a pro team feel free to contact us today and we can get our fingers all up in your launch. 


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