Here's a quick breakdown of our work process and how we nail your copy + content goals: 

step 1: 

Whether you email, DM us or fill in the contact form on our website, this is the *first contact* and your chance to share any relevant information about your upcoming copy or content project.
At Bohemia, we like the person to person approach. So, once you connect with us, you will receive a personal email from Bohemia Owner: Sarah with a "Howdy & Hello" and some questions about your project. Also expect a call or response to DM within 24 hours. 
You can also expect a personal phone call to be set up so we can get to know you and your copy needs in more detail. 

Once we have all the necessary deets for your copy or content project we create a custom proposal for you to sign off on. This includes the project specs you've provided plus our rates and some information on how we work to nail your content objectives. 
This is delivered to your inbox within 24 hours. 

This is a personal 60 minute call/zoom or skype prior to any copy being written. The goal is for us to understand your copy and content project in it's all it's glory so we can deliver a "you've knocked it out of the park" result for you. 
We work together on 5 core questions to understand what’s going on in your business right now and what you're hoping your content and copy will achieve. 
This session is a chance for you to ask any questions, let us know what you love/loathe in copy and share all your desires for how you want your copy and content to support your bigger business goals. 

Make contact - get the ball rolling

information & Proposal 

copy + content BRIEFING SESSION

step 2: 

step 3: 

step 4: 


Now we have all this delicious information at our fingertips and we can research the shiz out of your industry, ideal customers and competitors and peers to really dive deep into creating on point copy! 

step 5 (the big step):

Following our briefing session, time researching and information provided by you we will have they sparkly-eyed enthusiasm of a golden retriever to get crackin-on-your-content and copy needs. 
We would have agreed on deliverables and time lines so you'll have everything provided for you before the deadline, with the opportunity to review and provide feedback on the content supplied. 
You'll get progress reports and 'sneak peeks' and emails with headings such as "I just thought of this in the shower".. don't be disturbed. 

we do the work [aka write the words] 

step 6: 

And just like *that* your content is provided to you. Voila! 
Time to 'go live' and let the words do-their-thang. We generally present the copy and content to you, take you through it and explain 'how' and 'why' so you're in the know. 

project complete

If we had you at
"Howdy & Hello" ...

Yes, I want to know more!

work with us...

if you're ready for your biz to shine bright for your ideal customer and attract the exact people you want as your customers. 

If you're desperate for a strategic plan to follow so your content stands out and creates the impact you need.

if you are planning *big* things and need your content to work hard for you.

Bohemia is here to help intentional, positive brands and people connect with their ideal customers through smart, engaging "copy" and content [aka words]. 

We believe in strategically crafting content which speaks directly to your ideal customers whilst reinforcing your bigger business goals. 

We write for savvy service providers in the B2B and B2C space and we love to play in the wellness, beauty and lifestyle lanes (but we have been known to write for real estate, trades and coaches).

Our style of personality-rich, purposeful copy allows you to stand out and connect with more of the clients you LOVE so that you can increase your customer base and retention numbers.

By partnering with us for consistent content [think emails, social posts articles and web copy all planned and written for you] you can create a thriving community of customers, just hanging for your next big thing. 

We would L-O-V-E to get our stretchy strategy pants on and go to town with your copy and content marketing.

Get in touch today, my team and I are ready to get started.

Sarah Benitez 
Dip. Advertising 
Owner, Head Copywriter and Mistress of all-the-words.
Bohemia Copy + Content Studio 

copy + content studio.

gold coast, australia 

Hello & Welcome! 

why you should consider our team 
as your
content partners...

Bohemia copy + content studio is best suited to intentional, positive, feel-good service based businesses, brands and peeps.

⁠All content and copy created by us will be bespoke, unique and based around your specific business goals. ⁠

⁠We use a six-step work process (found here) to ensure the work is of the highest quality and our clients are [where-have-you-been-all-our-lives] happy. ⁠

All content planning and copywriting will be carried out by a senior, experienced copywriter (not an assistant, junior or offshore contractor).⁠

Bohemia is a proud, local (Gold Coast), mama-led, small business.⁠

We have a zero-tolerance for BS, A-holes, disrespectful energy thieves and bad mojo types. ⁠

We are inbound marketing certified. We are email marketing experts. Owner: Sarah, has over 15 years of marketing, copy and content experience. ⁠

We love strategy, planning and goal setting. We work with clients through our Content Planning Project and with ongoing strategic content partners via a monthly content creation package. We also work ad-hoc copywriting.

We will work tirelessly to make your content goals a reality. Drawing on our experience and expertise (we know a thing or two) you'll be hard pressed to find a more caring, intuitive and hard working team. 

We play well with others and in 2021, we are looking for collabs, circles, guest posting and podding, fun in the workplace type friendships.⁠

We love what we do *hard* so if you're in the need for a bubbly, happy, strategic, smart as heck, caffeinated team to conquer your copy...

Well, hello there!

If you're ready -
we're ready... 

I'm hella ready!

The first not-so-scary step is filling in the form on our contact page and we'll schedule a free 30 minute chat to go through all your wordy needs. 

Yes, let's do it!

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