1 full day of learning, connection, and planning
3 specific sessions designed without confusing fluff, tech & jargon 
"Spotlight Session" for your business 
Pre-workshop and post-workshop support [aka we hold your hand]
Intimate workshop to dive deep into content wonderland 
Coffee, tea, all the snacks and *maybe* wine supplied 
Escape the daily grind and get into the creative zone 

Perfect for freelancers, coaches, creatives & small business bosses

Our full day workshop will help you master your your content, connection and community strategies so you can grow your business and increase your impact. 

this is your chance to: 

Create an epic content plan to achieve your big biz & customer goals 

Learn how to write *on the fly* and ditch the stress of the blank page 

Learn how to nurture your customers in a positive and intentional way that won’t break the bank and will see an impact in your ongoing revenue

Give your business the best chance at growing with intention and integrity this year 

Enjoy a set of expert eyes lazer focused on your business, your message, your goals all day (plus before and after)

Learn how to write epic-effing-words that jump off the screen for your ideal customer

Feel incredibly proud of yourself for stepping into a new strategic mindset and doing something positive for your business...which is what you deserve anyway!

If you want to ditch the stress of the blank page and be confident in putting all your awesome intentions into words then we want to work with you. 

Because words matter.

Here’s what you’ll gain from working with us 1:1 during (before and after) your personalised content workshop  

Before the Workshop:

This is a personal 60 minute call/zoom or skype prior to the workshop.  We work together on 5 core questions to understand what’s going on in your business right now and what you're hoping your content/copy will achieve. 
We look at your marketing messages and sales plan.
We also discuss where you need the most support, what opportunities you might be missing and start to uncover the best strategies to support your vision.  
This session is designed for you to gain a ‘pre workout’ before our workshop.
It also gives us an insight on how to best prepare certain content that is relevant for your business so you get the most bang for your buck! 

Time: 60 minutes
Location: Online (skype) or over the phone, whatever works best for you.

Following our briefing session we will have they sparkly-eyed enthusiasm of a golden retriever to get crackin-on-your-content. So to help us get started on making big changes right away, we will send you a custom-designed content challenge for your business. 

(Don’t worry, it’s nothing too much, it’s easily achievable with a quiet space and a cuppa!) 

Time: 60 minutes 
Location: In your space, wherever you feel comfortable.

When you schedule us in for a 1;1 workshop you are absolutely part of the gang and invited to hang in our Bohemia Facebook group. In the group we share content + copy tips, strategies and info to have your content improving every day. We *heart* our group!

BIZ & copy Briefing Session

Custom-designed challenge 

Private Facebook Group

At the Workshop: 

One full day of  strategising and planning your best content to *shine* bright and stand out for your customers.  

A “Spotlight Session” specifically for your business where we present our findings from researching your current marketing, content and copy so we have a plan of what needs SOS attention.

Session one revolves around your voice, brand message and goals. What are you here to do, who are you here to serve, how are you communicating with your community? Are you letting your words speak for you? 

Session two is all about the nitty gritty. What is the basics of your content plan, how are you going to make your content work for your goals, how do we make money from content? 

Session three is FULL of BESPOKE content and copy ideas for you/your business. 

Constant supply of tea, coffee & snacks to keep us all alert and creative!

Maybe *definitely* wine and probably cheese! 

"This is the saucy, spicy, wordy goodness we love".

After the Workshop: 

This is hosted through the Facebook Group for you to start to flex your new content muscles and put all your new knowledge to work together in a safe environment. 

In the month following your personalised workshop we schedule two private Q&A sessions so you can ask any questions you have in implementing your ideas and getting dem words onto paper! 

A post-workshop content challenge

Two Q & A sessions 

If we had you at snacks & wine ...

Get in touch today!

walk away with easy to understand content ideas you can use right away + a plan for your future content & copy.  

work with us...

if you're ready to level up & step away from the fear of not knowing 'what to say' then we're ready to lead you. 

If you're desperate for a strategic plan to follow so your content stands out then we want to workshop with you. 

if you are planning big things and want your beautiful intentions shine online through your content and copy we *Really* want to help you.

This workshop the power to change your marketing and your business forever - yep we said it. 

The total value of this workshop is over $6,000. 

However, because it's our mission to help as many bosses as possible through the power of words, the investment $3,295 per business (up to 3 people).  This is over 45% savings or $2,700 off the valued price of this powerful workshop. 

$3,295 is less than two flat whites a day AND could add tens of thousands of dollars to your business. 

By the way - workshops are completely tax deductible so remember to include in next year’s tax return. 

Workshops are limited to 3 bosses per business so we can create an intimate yet powerful space at the workshop and enjoy time together.

let's get started 

Your workshop leader...


Hi! I'm Sarah, proud Owner of Bohemia.
I'm a marketing and content boss with 15+ years of experience working on thousands of advertising and marketing campaigns, sales launches, start ups, content plans and I've written my fair share of copy.
I love working one-on-one with bosses who are ready get strategic with words because it's so friggin fun!
Connect today and let's get together to work on your copy. 

Chat soon! 

Owner, bohemia 

“Thank you for being YOU and coaching me along the marketing path

I found it a little bewildering as I had always relied on word of mouth but the times have so changed and your marketing skills have given me the ability to step out and be seen!” 

Judy Anne Brown, Spiritual Entrepreneur 

words of thanks...

"Great service, and so professional.

Her insights to my business were and are still continuing, and I find her advice not only great, but proving to make my business run smoothly and grow every quarter.”

Gez from Gez Xavier Mansfield Photography 

"Sarah's knowledge and way of thinking is incredibly exciting and empowering.

She has incredible insight, a never ending list of exciting, fresh ideas and powerful plans to strategically implement change and growth into your business. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Tanya from Chic Artistry 

"What can I say about Sarah...she's like superwoman with x-ray vision.

She has this ability to look into a business and see things that very few other people see. Important things - deep foundational things that make or break a business. If you're looking for someone to help you tweak what you've already got; don't waste Sarah's time. But if you're looking for a fundamental shift in the growth of your business; if you're looking for a revolution in your business and not just evolution, then you need to call Sarah now and beg her to work with you."

Brad Walker, stretchcoach.com 

“Sarah offered her assistance and was extremely forthcoming in her tutelage.

 Her experience in the industry working with top coaches means she really understands what works and what doesn’t and I gained so much value and clarity from our session”. 

Catherine Howell, Eight Loop Social 

A few things you should know before we workshop together:  

talk to us today

This is not a ‘conference’ where you sit back and listen this is a ‘workshop’ you will have some work to do. And it starts before the workshop. Please know - all the pre-work has been designed for YOU to gain the most value from our time together. 

You and your business is the focus for the workshop. With the prep we do before the workshop on getting to know your business PLUS your special spotlight session at the workshop, you will gain specific ideas and strategies for your business. No cookie cutter solutions! 

We're based on The Gold Coast (it's thriving at the moment with entrepreneurial energy) and it’s the perfect place for a day (or make it a weekend) away to spend workshoping with us and really enjoy the process of marketing your business! Can you smell the sea air and feel the sunshine already?  If you don't want to come to us we can come to you (there is a travel fee related to this). 

WE know you will be fully satisfied, head-over-heels thrilled with the experience you’ll enjoy however, legally we gotta mention the refunds and cancellation policy for the workshop. Here is the refunds policy and here is the Refund and Cancellation Policy.

"Bohemianism is the practice of an unconventional lifestyle, often in the company of like-minded people and with few permanent ties. It involves musical, artistic, literary, or spiritual pursuits." In the context of our business... creatives, artists, wordy-types...we're the original Bohemians so we felt there was no better name for our Biz. 

The good news is YES we can absolutely do that for you. Connect with us today and we'll get-a-writing. However if you want to take control, understand why your content is so important and plan your content strategy yourself then workshop it with us baby!

1. Work it baby

2. Focus on you

3. where do we workshop?

4. do you have a refund policy?

5. What does "bohemia" mean?

6. what if i just want you to write the words?

OK let’s be real for a moment - customers are becoming more demanding as markets become overcrowded so for you to truly stand out as the best choice for your customer it’s time to stop playing small, skill-up and get strategic about your content. 

Now you can do this yourself but it will cost you more time, money and grey hairs than you care to imagine. OR you can work[shop] with us and get a head start. No matter what stage of business or how busy or not busy you are right now, you will benefit from levelling up and learning more about how to market yourself and your business. 


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