8 reasons why your business needs a professional copywriter.

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    our services include: 

    We write professional, customer-centric copy to let your business stand out in your market.

    Copywriting your website (full sites or stand alone pages)  

    Copywriting email sequences (welcome, sales and launch)

    Creating content plans you can stick to 

    Copywriting sales landing pages and sales "scripts" 

    Crafting articles for your blog 

    Scripting sales, intro and information based videos 

    Copywriting your social media posts 

    Crafting consistent content [delivered to you monthly]

    Customer experience content for the moments that matter!

    Copywriting case studies, downloadable tools and resources 

    Full launch copy [aka the words you need to launch your new thing]

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    Let us help you create an epic, bespoke, customer-centered, feel good content plan
    At the end of our project (consisting of four sessions) you will have in your hot little hands, a unique content plan that gives you a solid foundation to grow your customer base authentically with content ideas that make sense and feel really good, to you and your customers.

    plan my biz content!

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    Your business is unique, your customers are unique and your content plan is... non existent?

    consistent monthly content 

    If you're painfully aware that your lack of consistent content is costing you revenue, then this is for you. 
    You know the value of relevant, consistent content but either your team is already maxed out, you don't know where to start or just can't fit it into your day. 
    Don't stress it - let our team take care of "All The Bloggy Things" with our custom-curated monthly content package. 
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    Take the stress out of not knowing what to write, create and post every month. We'll do it for you! 

    We can jump right on in and help you bring your next big thing to life through inspired words and content.
    Not sure where to start? Schedule a a complimentary call with Bohemia Owner and Head Copywriter, Sarah today and get your launch copy #sorted.

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    Got a big, bold idea to share with the world but the words aren't coming?


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