Imagine having the power to create the best possible customer experience for your tribe? 

Guess what? You already have it.

You may just need help harnessing that power from a pretty little thang called a Customer Experience Strategy.

According to a Walker study, by the year 2020 customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.

It all comes down to thinking ahead, planning and designing every single interaction a customer has with your biz.

You know — the way they think, feel and respond as they discover, explore, buy into and work with your brand.

Oh gosh this is where we get all tingly….

Your customer’s experience (their impression of you and your brand) can change like the wind as they move between your website, social feeds, packaging, goods and other moments of connection with you and your product.

That’s why a Customer Experience Strategy (affectionately known by us at Bohemia as a customer love strategy) will ensure they are having a consistent, valuable and enjoyable experience.

Before we share with you some of our tried and true steps towards planning the ultimate customer experience for your biz, there’s something we’d like to clear up:

Many business owners assume ‘customer service’ and the ‘customer experience’ are one and the same.

Nuh uh.

Here at Bohemia this misconception hurts our hearts!

Although a lovely phone manner and responding to emails in a timely manner sure is nice; if you’re executing a handful of customer service must-do’s well without looking at the entire customer experience you’re missing out on plenty more opportunities to serve your tribe.

Sometimes as freelancers, coaches, creative and small biz owners we get sucked into the vortex of ALL-THE-THINGS.

We’re busy little bee’s creating magnificent products, launching sweet services, manicuring our presence on social media and churning out valuable content.

In this maelstrom we fail to consider how engaged and satisfied our customers are and how we can be crafting more ‘moments that matter’ for our lovely customers.

All to enhance their experience and foster loyalty, engagement and value.

“Welcome to a new era of marketing and service in which your brand is defined by those who experience it.” – Brian Solis, Principal Analyst and Futurist, Altimeter


Why is customer experience SUCH a big deal?

Well baby – stats don’t lie!

The good news:

86% of buyers will pay more for a better brand experience, but only 1% feel that vendors consistently meet expectations (Oracle)

Satisfied clients resulted in a 30% increased profitability for a business as they were 80% more likely to renew the services. (Helpscout)

Businesses that grow their customer retention rates by as little as 5% typically see profit increases ranging from 25% to 95%. (Survicate)

The not so good news:

39% of customers stay away from vendors after a bad experience for up to 2 years. (Zendesk)

It takes business 12 positive experiences to compensate for 1 negative experience. (Survicate)

91% of customers who do not complain simply leave your business. (HuffingtonPost)


The first three steps to designing your customer experience strategy:

1/Get a snapshot of your customer’s journey with you.

First things first – grab your neon Sharpies and a few big sheets of paper. Map out every step of your customer’s journey — from how and where they would find you, to what happens after the product or service has been delivered and paid for.

Identify all of the touch points, interactions and moments of connection that any new or existing customer will have with your brand.

Online and in person — all of it.


2/ Question everything!

Consider each touch point and ask yourself these questions:

  • Have I made it easy for my customers to achieve what they want to do? Or am i making it super hard for them to take action?
  • How would this experience make them feel?  Would it make them feel connected to me and think “yes, she gets it” or “no, this is not for me?”
  • Would it meet their expectations, or exceed them? What can I do to surprise, delight — and really blow their minds?
  • Have I connected with them, emotionally? Customers take action because they are emotionally attached to how they feel when they work or buy from you.
  • How can I serve them better or add more value?
  • Am I speaking my customer’s language?“When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion.” – Dale Carnegie

3/ Create systems.

There are few things that can impact your brand’s reputation more than a disappointed customer.

Eeekkk we really don’t want that!

That’s why another important aspect of planning the customer experience is deciding how you might handle any potential complaints, feedback and reviews.

If a customer has had a perceived bad experience, how will you make them feel seen, heard and acknowledged ASAP?

The good news: most customers will give you a second chance if you quickly deal with their problem!


There is so much we can share about customer experience strategies, but we hope these points will get you started thinking about your customer experience.

By planning an incredibly juicy customer experience strategy you are doing the ultimate service for your customers; creating valuable moments that matter for them (and you).

We know you are looking to grow a thriving, vibrant business based on value and positivity.

We love it and we dig you.

A customer experience (or customer love strategy) is an important step in bringing your big biz goals to life. If this article has got your heart racing for all the right reasons, check out Your Biz Customer Kit now.

Article written with the help of Contributing Author:  Jenna Fairbairn

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