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Feeling like a busy worker bee creating content for your ideal customer left-right-center but got zilch to show for it? We hear you boss!  Let’s drop a little truth bomb right here… Simply creating good quality content and uploading it on your blog DOES NOT guarantee you will stand out to your ideal customers. Bbbuutttt […]


how to make my content stand out online

When it comes to marketing, CONTENT is King, Queen and Stable Boy! The strength of your content marketing and its ability to connect your ideal customers with your business is fast becoming the key indicator of business success. But why is content marketing so powerful and can it really make THAT big of a difference […]

How to use content marketing to double your business.

What Is Content Marketing? Bohemia Copy and Content

So you’ve created a game-changing offer/service/product for your ideal customer and propelled your new biz baby into the stratosphere. Now, you’re left struggling to get bums on seats, clicks on posts and orders in the cart. Why, oh why are your ideal customers not scrambling over each other like it’s a Boxing Day Sale to […]

Five ways to “talk” to your ideal customer (in a non-creepy way)

ways to find your ideal customers and talk to them

Why is Inbound Marketing so dang important? And what does it mean for my business? We’ll answer that plus more in this article. What is “inbound” and what does it mean for your business? How do you market – inbound styles? And why in the heck does it work [so] well? What is “inbound marketing”? […]

What “inbound marketing” means for your business in 2021.

inbound marketing for small business and how to achieve it


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