The word on the street is you need a schmick customer experience strategy if you want to help your biz stand out in the marketplace.

Customer experience ain’t no buzz word — in fact — devoting time, attention and a whole lot of heart to creating a deep, authentic connection that serves both you and your customer on every step of their journey is a fundamental part of the marketing plan for any successful business.


Well, the obvious answer is that if you’re giving your customers an amazing experience and planning their journey for them your customer satisfaction rates will skyrocket.

But beyond leaving them feeling all warm, fuzzy, loved up and thinking you and your work is the bomb, why does a satisfied customer really matter?

How can it help you grow your tribe and move the needle in your biz?

Why do you need to implement a customer experience strategy, like, yesterday?

We can think of at least four reasons off the top of our head — we’ll just leave them here for you, shall we?

1/ Happy customers become brand advocates.

It turns out that these days you don’t need to rely on traditional advertising channels to spruik your products and services.

You see, customers’ voices are loud and thanks to the proverbial grapevine that is word-of-mouth, online reviews and social media, you’ve basically got yourself a walking, talking squad of proud and passionate billboards.

Whether they have a good or bad experience, customers have the power to influence your reputation.

If Sally likes what she gets from you in terms of the customer experience, she’ll be more than likely to be sharing, commenting and posting her little heart out and persuading others to give it a go. If she’s unsatisfied, she is likely to tell even more people.

The other thing is that Lucy, who happens to be in the market for what you offer, is seeking validation and reassurance from a third party — especially friends and acquaintances — before she commits to a purchase.

She’s more likely to trust Cousin Sally’s perception of your brand over anything else!


2/ Happy customers also become loyal customers.

A sweet customer experience not only creates satisfaction, it develops a strong connection between you and your person — which eventually leads to rock-solid trust and loyalty.

The ride or die, kind.

Trust us: retention is a very, very good thing, because it’s actually more expensive to find a new customer than is to retain an existing one.

Doesn’t it make sense to invest in your existing tribe — the people who have already paid for and loved your service or product — so they will remain loyal to you in the future?

3/ Consumers are more empowered than ever before.

It’s a jungle out there (in the marketplace).

There’s a lot of noise, plenty of competing brands and thanks to all the whiz bang websites, apps, social media platforms and digital tools at their fingertips, customers have access to information — and basically anything their heart desires — anywhere at anytime.

They’re rather fickle too and so with a quick tap, swipe or scroll they can make a fairly educated choice about you and your brand and whether they want to jump ship or stick around.

When it comes to the buyer experience, their expectations are oh-so-high.

In fact, they not only want you to meet their expectations, they want you to exceed them.

A smart and generous customer experience strategy will not only help you stand out in the crowd and over deliver what you promised — but surprise and delight them with a few bells and whistles, too.

4/ It increases revenue.


Sure, you love what you do and it probably doesn’t feel like work. But let’s be honest: the reason you’re in business is to make the money.

We all know it’s not you that pays for next month’s power bill, tomorrow night’s cocktails, Sunday’s yoga sesh and next week’s farmer’s market splurge.

Your customers do.

A fab customer experience will generate all of that awesome activity and growth we mentioned in the previous three points, and in turn, ripple out to impact your bottom line in a positive way.

Happy customers become repeat customers who rally new customers — and whaddaya know?! Profits have increased!



“Customers are the life force of your business”.

It’s what we’re passionate about at Bohemia. Each interaction and touch point with your customer can be so incredibly powerful to your greater business mission.

We know you are a boss with big, beautiful intentions and you really want to create an amazing experience for your customers (and for you).

Ready to really dive deep? Check out Your Biz Customer Kit now.

Article written with the help of Contributing Author:  Jenna Fairbairn


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