Why do I need a content marketing plan in 2022?
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Why do I need a content marketing plan in 2022?

In 2022, your business *really* needs a content marketing plan.

Content marketing and marketing plan in general is not a new concept. However, due to all of us being on our devices for longer, forced to interact with brands online and massive consumption of content (thanks COVID) we’re all waking up to a refreshed way of “doing” business. That is: letting our content do the heavy lifting of our sales department. 

The day in the life of a business owner is hectic AF…customers, orders, content, social, LIFE!

At times it can be a massive effort just to brush your hair let alone be across your content, socials, marketing and customer requests. 

But, there is a way…

To feel on top of it ALL we suggest creating and working on a stellar content marketing plan.

In 2022, the best content marketing plans are simple, smart and strategic. PLUS they can be fun and creative for you AND your customers.

It’s a win: win.

If we can get technical for a mo’ – stats don’t lie.

Marketers with a documented strategy are 538% more likely to report success than those who don’t.

Plus…marketers with documented processes (meaning they plan out the how to, when to, what to’s) of a marketing strategy are 466% more likely to report success!

Let’s just appreciate those awesome numbers.

If someone told you that by doing this one thing in your business you could see a 538% chance of reporting success, would you do it?

Hell yes, you would.

That’s what a content marketing plan really is – a plan for success.

The Top 3 reasons for creating a content marketing plan:

1. A content marketing plan will let you feel focused and in control

Let go of the worry, the fretting, the paralyzing fear of where to start – with a content marketing plan you are a boss on a mission.

[Que Starships “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” power ballad]

The process of creating a content marketing plan, even a one-pager, gives you the chance to plan your next 6 – 12 months in business, really see where the dollars are coming from, where you want to spend your time and how/when you want to connect with your customers and community.

2. Content marketing makes it super easy for your customers in every way

A content marketing plan is about crafting moments of connection with your customers.

You’re making it super easy for your customers to find, see, learn, book and spend with you. Your content marketing plan is more about your customers than yourself so by planning and working to a content marketing plan you’re actually working on a customer plan!

3. A bespoke plan will set you far apart from your competitors

We’re all up for collab over competition but in most fields and markets your customer is overwhelmed with choice.
By creating a content marketing plan, working to it, and crafting those moments of connection your goal is to set yourself and your business up as the best solution and the best choice for your customer.

Crucial Elements Of A Content Marketing Plan

What are your objectives?

Think about what you’re aiming to achieve with your content marketing plan as you sit down to craft it. What’s the end goal? What do you want your content to help you achieve?

Who will be consuming your content?

This is an overarching topic for everything related to your ideal customer. This is where you think about your ideal customer in DETAIL. Who are they? What is the key information related to your ideal customer? Where in the customer journey are they?

How will your content transform your customer?

Every content piece should have a reason when it comes to the customer. Are you trying to inspire your customer? Educate them? Sell to them?

Your Budget

The good news is in 2022, a content marketing plan does not have to be an expensive exercise. However, it depends on your objectives, your overall business goals and your available budget.

Your budget can include things like external copywriters, graphic designers, VA’s, if you need any photography, or video production, things like that. Your budget can also include ad spend to really pump the content.

If you are launching a new product or service to the market you would create a separate content marketing plan for that launch and it will have its own budget.

Who is responsible?

Who in your team is responsible for all the deliverables? This is where the copywriting, the design, the social media marketing and ad creation will be talked about. Make sure that all elements of your content marketing plan are assigned to someone [and they know about it] who is capable and will be able to deliver.

The Schedule

This is fun part – what does your actual schedule look like? With tools like later and hubspot it’s easy to pre-publish and see what all the content looks like together before it gets posted live.

What if it doesn’t work?

A content marketing plan falling flat does happen sometimes.

Mostly this comes back to not spending enough time researching and delving into your ideal customer details. To ensure your content marketing plan rolls out on time, and is contributing to the success of your objectives we recommend regular meetings with everyone involved in the plan, setting up reporting metrics at the beginning of the plan, and making sure they get assessed weekly. If something isn’t working, change it quickly.

Ready to get creating?

A content marketing plan holds infinite power for your business. And that’s why you need one!

By creating and working to a plan you can pretty much bet the farm you are going to more successful than if you wing it and don’t think strategically about your content.

To get started, make sure you connect with our team here.

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