Why does my business need a content plan?
why does my business need a content plan? content marketing. Bohemia copywriting.

Why does my business need a content plan?

Any business that relies on customers searching, finding and choosing them (ie. most businesses) really needs a content plan. Like, right now. 

We would go so far as to say that a traditional “marketing plan” may be redundant and a “content plan” is where it’s at. 

We are content whores. There, we said it. We llluurrrrvvee the content. ALL-THE-CONTENT.

Did you know that consumers around the world spend an average of 463 minutes or over 7.5 hours per day with media.

We can’t get enough of that dang content! 

So if you’re running a small business and wanting to connect with the very people that will see $$ in your bank account (living, breathing, customers) then you need a plan.

What is a content plan?

Part of any content marketing strategy is a content plan. 

Simply, it’s a real, documented plan of how, when and where to distribute your lovingly crafted content. 

The content plan includes the very pieces of content that you’ll share with your audience and could even include things like snippets to use for repurposing, social media posts and any SEO content you’re using.

Your content plan leads into your business goals. These can be general business goals; like double your customers in a specific market OR they can be specific goals for certain things, like launching a new online course and selling at least 20 spots. When you have the goal you craft the content around that goal. 

Why does my business need a content plan?

A crafted content plan, with bespoke content written for your customers [and specific for your business], can change *everything*.

Did you ever look at a business you admire, or even a competitor’s business and really check out all their content. From their website copy, to their blog and social posts and think; “It all looks so polished and well thought out, and professional”? 

Well, that’s because they’ve planned it to be that way.

Some snazzy marketing whiz, or freelance copy and content writer (wink; wink) has taken the time to sit down, consider the ideal customer; the business goals; the product or service and put them all together with content that makes sense and feels good. 

And that’s the key to a great content plan; the content needs to make sense and feel good. For you, and your customers. 

Here are a few reasons why you need a content plan as part of your content marketing strategy:

  1. Content helps customers find you, review you, choose you, love you. The more time you take to consider each content piece, plan for it and add it to a larger content game plan the better chance you have of attracting more customers and offering them solutions to help.
  2. A content plan aims to provide consistency, and consistency builds trust and authority in your market. So your customers start to think of you as their go-to-person in whatever your field of excellence may be.

  3. Regularly posted crafted content keeps your website fresh. If you’re anything like us, you will go to a blog page and check out the latest article. If that article is circa. 2017 then you’re not keeping up and in some ways it shows your customers you’re not relevant.

  4. Google loves bespoke, new, well thought out content. Google looks at relevancy, readability, length of content, keywords and value. And we all bow to the Google Gods.

  5. From a ROI perspective, content marketing typically costs about 62% less than traditional and outbound marketing tactics. Thanks to Neil Patel for that one. 

Can I get by without a content plan? 

Well, of course. But wouldn’t it feel really good to pour some love and attention into the very thing that will help your customers find you?

Plus, the content that’s created will help your customers by providing insight, advice, guidance or something else. So it’s a win: win. 

Wouldn’t it feel ultra-profesh to have some direction and know that your business is *talking* to your customers through crafted content at whatever time of day THEY need it? 

Let us ask you – what does your content look and feel like now?

Rushed? Unpolished? A little haphazard?

Of course, you can get by doing it that way, but if you want your business to attract more of the customers you love, with more ease and look sweet at the same time; your content plan needs to level up! 

Just sayin.

What happens once the content plan is created? 

So once you dive into the rewarding world of content marketing and you have your trusty fill-in-the-dots schedule by your side, it’s time to create the content. 

And *that’s where we can help* 

Once the content is created and sitting pretty, it’s time to create/write the content then publish it. 

When it’s published, it’s time to promote it. 

See, it’s a whole thing. There is a system! 

A good copywriter or content writer will help take all your planny goodness and translate that into words on a page. Words on a page can be on a screen, on a post, on a blog, on a pamphlet [you get it]. A decent writer will help transform your black and white content plan into living, readable, SEARCHABLE content. Them be the little crumbs that connect the people to what you’re sellilng.

Is A Content Plan ALL You Need To Succeed?

No. It’s just one [important] piece of the pie my friend. If you want to create a thriving business, you need to take a look many interconnecting layers. Information is key here! For a great Guide To Running Your Business Successfully, take a look here.

How can we help you?

At Bohemia, we could think of nothing better than to get our stretchy strategy pants on and lovingly craft a stellar content plan for you. 

We offer a 30 minute phone or skype consult for all new customers to dish the goodies on their latest thang so we can start creating a content plan for you. 

So reach out today and let’s get creating. 

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